Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Project

In one of the hottest summers and craziest cities where people from the international world travel to, I am witnessing a true move of God like any other I have been apart of. Just alone in two weeks I have seen four college students including my roomate fully surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. However being down here has costed me a lot. It cost me though a lot of comforts. I do not hold the fate of so much in my hands however it is in the hand's of a awe loving God who continues to give me patience. Even patience working in Harry Potter land. I have ever ever been a fan of the cult like scrapboooking but the food at Three Broomsticks taste marvelous.

There has been a lot of kingdom sweat. I have pretty much been a greenhouse of growth for my faith in Jesus Christ. I have been on mission trips, done discipleship classes. However not soley taking two months out of my life, leaving all the comforts of home to come down here. As of July 28th I am unemployed, the market for teachers is not looking to good. However there is ALWAYS as a market for laborers for Christ. It takes work it takes sacrifice it takes getting out of your comfort zone to bring even closet friends to the gospel. There is this lady at church who my girlfriend told me about. She prayed almost 40 years for her friend to come to Christ. I will try my best to keep everyone updated on what is going on.