Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It starts now!!!!

I am about to enter a new season of my life, and let me tell you it is already looking busy as anything. From the events going on at JU with Campus Outreach, Rush week, Fall Retreat, Vision Day the list keeps going and going. Doing college ministry requires a huge sacrifice because it is not your typical 8 to 5 job. Sure I sometimes has week days off, however there are some days I will put in 70-80 hours a week.

For almost a year now I have seen God work a supernatural miracle by putting together my support team. I have also witnessed him put together a family of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who are like family to me. Almost every night, friends from church are getting together for fellowship and just celebrate all that God has done. Over half the time, we do not have serious conversations but simply the presence of another person means so much in a dark broken chaotic world.

This semester I have an amazing vision and plan, however I know that God is the one with the final word on what happens. That is honestly ok. If I had it my way personally, I would of been at 100 percent a long time ago. But the presence of Jesus Christ and the grace that he has showed really means so much more. The lessons he has taught me, the people and experienes he has put in my life illustrate he relenlessly love for me.

In a 4 month span I will be spending a lot of time at JU, Daytona, Christ Church, and hopefully take a trip to North Carolina and visit a buddy of mine in NYC. I hope that I can find some quiet time to play golf, and maybe go on a hunting trip or two. Well here it goes

Friday, August 3, 2012

I still can not believe that Campus Outreach is three weeks away from their second year on the campus of JU. A year ago there was so much up in the air including the follow.
1. The sucess or failure of moving from UNF to JU
2. The sucess or failure of doing our first Puerto Rico Project
3. The sucess or failure of two staff raising 36,000 dollars in financial support

It only because of God that all of these things are possible. It is only because of God that students lives have been and will continued to be changed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. God is for God and he is most glorified through his people showing unconditional love for others in a broken chaotic world. God did not send us on this world to glorify ourselves, he sent us for his glory.

All of the favor and blessings that I continue to experience day after day are great, but I must not lose my sight of Jesus. Often at times Christians focus on the blessing rather than the source of a blessing. What if God gave you nothing, and all you had was Jesus? Sure would be a tough time. It would really test our faith. But time on this world is only a vapor, and our king has prepared us a great home in heaven! (John 14). It was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, not your hard labor or good works. So for a short while let us rejoice by loving others like Jesus first loved us. Yes that even means homosexuals too.

If we want to see a Christ Centered Resurgence in the western church, we simply need to get back to basics, aka what Jesus teaches us to do . Worship experiences, 10 million dollar churches, and dynamic preaching are great but that is only 10 percent of the equation. In a world that lacks true authentic relationships, people are searching. Church we need to step up.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been so convicted of this. The simple face of loving your neighbor, and folks in your sphere of influence is what we need to do. Stop living self centered lives and it around Jesus Christ!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Great Commission Resurgence

It was really great seeing men and women come together today and make a stand for Christian values. It is very American too! Standing in line for one hour to bite into a refreshing chicken sandwich. I must admit Chick Fil A is one of my favorite places to eat.

After really thinking about it, I thought to myself WWJT: What Would Jesus Think? Sure we are taking a stand for what is right in our faith but are we doing this only because of "convenience"? What if Jesus asked you to take a stand, and dedicate 1-2 years out of your life to go and spread the gospel among the nations? What makes me so sad about the average Christian is their hyporcisy. A lot of Christians who have been born and raised in gospel centered churches only take a stand for Jesus out of convience. But do you realize that Jesus calls EVERYONE OF HIS FOLLOWERS TO GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS?" (Matthew 28). "Well Eric let me tell you theres enough people for that"

You must be out of your mind. More than ever there is a need for a Great Commission Resurgence in the church. If the following data below does not stir you up, you might want to question your salvation in Jesus Christ. We were once broken sinners, sentenced to death because of our sin. But now Jesus has rescued us and given us his Holy Spirit to go and be the light of the world!! (Matthew 5). Below are some facts about spreading the gospel to the nations.

2.3 billion people in the world have never heard the name or story of Jesus Christ.

1,568 ethnic groups across the globe have no Christians in their region

2 missionaries for every 1 million Muslims across the world

The church aka those who profess Jesus as their lord and savior need to get off their butt and make a radical lifestyle change for this to take place. We should not be chasing the American Dream, but rather chasing the Dream that Jesus has laid out for his disciples. If you want to experience the presence of God like never before in your life, you do not need another worship experience. What you need to do is begin my developing a heart for the a nation or certain social culture.

To see change and revivial in an ever increasing broken chaotic world, we need to fight our hope and salvation in Jesus Christ and the church!! Not a political or moral set of values but rather what Jesus tells us to do! You have one life do not waste it.

Dr. Daniel Akin, President Southeast Baptist Seminary, Great Commission Resurgence

Dr. John Piper, Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church