Thursday, June 27, 2013

Seperate and Unequal

One thing that Christians do a great job at is creating our own what we see "seperate and unequal" culture. Christians for the past 30 years do a great job in living outside of the world norm. For example Christians have their seperatist norms and convictions. That we shold stay away from drinking and smoking tobacco! That we should spend thousands of dollars sending them to private schools! We have to protect them from those "dirty/sinful people" In fact there is an entire movement the 6th largest in the world that says you will not inherit the kingdom of God if you drink, dance, smoke etc  (which my friend is heresey). Those folks who say that are the same people who have 9 times out of 10 never shared the gospel with anyone. And my friends there is more to sharing the gospel then walking with a cross down the road, or handing out a gospel track.

In Puerto Rico I experienced a lot of great things. However I use this blog to sometimes highlight my frustration with the church. I do not get why there are so many both young and old Christians missing the mark. I do not know if you know are Judeo Christian values are going away, and Islam is the fastest growing in the world. Why are we not on mission? Were too busy putting our hope and faith in false Gods. For folks in the US, it is the American Dream. It is the go to alcohol/drug for our culture. This might be a bold statement but there is no way that you can achieve the American Dream while being a Christ follower at the same time. Shame on me and shame on us!

Yet through all of the negative, there is a rising generation of Christians who want to change the world through the gospel and universal/local church. There is a new generation that is hungry for sound doctrine and being on mission. There is a generation that is willing to go to the end of the Earth to make Jesus known. In fact in places like Uganda and Kenya, there is an increase in Christians being perscuted. While this is sad, the reason that this happening is there is a Gospel Resurgence going on in Africa.

The same thing happend in the book of Acts which accounts the first modern day church. In Acts 2-3 the church expands and grows by the thousands! The Romans and teachers of the old Hebrew law are being threatend by the power of the gospel! Throughout the next chapters starting in Acts 5 with the stoning of Stephen, the local church goes under heavy perscution (Yes that means people die).

"The highest form of selfishness is to go to heaven alone"

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

What Would Jesus Do?

My time in Puerto Rico has allowed me to discover a lot about who God is in such a positive way. By diving into the word and coming to this project with an open heart, I have a better understanding of the magnitude of his love. I have seen that same power and love change people's character in less than three weeks.

One of the things it has also allowed me to do is become better educated in the beliefs and foundations of our movement. Just like politics there are over 34,000 different sects of Christians throughout the international world. Each have their own good and bad things. Even within Campus Outreach and the PCA church, there are things that need to improve drastically.

I however do not want my personal walk with Jesus to be defined by theology. It should be defined by love for a broken world that needs Jesus. How we get people to experience and be changed by that is the primary role of the "world church."

In Puerto Rico there is a lot of mainline Pentecostal churches scattered across the island. I would say about 30-40 percent of the churches on the island are Pentecostal. In fact the church we work with, La Travesia is the only one I know of preaching the gospel "through grace and faith alone."

What would Jesus do about a church that is defined by earning your works to get your way to heaven? What would he do about a church that is not defined by grace. I am totally ok with folks who speak and tongues and speak prophetically. (As long as the gospel of faith/grace alone is preached). But a movement that is defined by "losing your salvation, or telling people they will burn in hell if they do this or do that is not Jesus at all!

The reason I get so mad at this movement is because myself and other students I disciple were apart of it. In fact this movement of false teaching is what threw me away from pursuing God in the first place. It was not until three years later that I finally came face to face with the gospel through the ministry I work for now. I know I am making big assumptions about a movement that makes up nearly 60 million people, but there are false teachers out there with an agenda. Don't believe me? Check out this video from Dr. Daniel Akin, President of Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary.

And so many people wonder why an entire generation is missing the link and experience with God's glory. When part of my calling and job is to lead people and generations into God's presence, I want to make sure it is not false. I want to make sure their experience with Jesus, is actually an experience with him.

Thursday, May 16, 2013

The human heart is very fickle. One minute it thinks one thing, another it thinks something different. Especially for a guy who has gotten so far yet got so far to go.

Ministry is not designed for everyone. It only two years I have seen both the high and the low. In fact days like these, I see more low than high. I honestly scratch my head sometimes whether or not I am effective.

I have to raise my entire salary, or what I like to call invest others advancing the kingdom of God. Through all of the teaching, support raising, relationships, and mingling with students I see myself as a "professional communicator" It is ultimately the man up top who does the heart changing.

I can communicate in either a positive or negative way. What I communicate is often sometimes offensive. People do not like to be called sinners. People do not like to be called dead in their transgressions. People do not like to be told how to worship a king. I am not talking about a religious or prosperity gospel. I am talking about the "explicit gospel"

This is more

Monday, April 29, 2013

Hustle and Bustle

The past 8 days have taken their physical and mental toll on me. I do not think since be able to work, I have felt more exhausted. Working 70 hours is great because you get so much done, but at the end it leaves you exhausted.

We finished up or Campus Evaluation today at JU. It sure is great to see the 70-100 students that our ministry has impacted in some way shape or form on campus. Over the past semester I have been able to create solid relationships with 10-15 guys in 2 different fraternities. And even better the Lord has blessed me with two guys one in Sigma Chi and Sigma Nu who want to do nothing but share their faith.

I could honestly go on and write a book how hard it has been over the last week. I think a trick the enemy plays is boasting our weaknesses and minimizing our victories. It is so easy and natural for us to become like this. We are broken people living in a broken world, and are in a natural state of rebellion against God. No wonder!

The next 3 months are going to be crazy. Usually it is a time of highs lows and change. On the high going to Puerto Rico and be able to invest in our future leaders. The low seeing faithful students of the ministry graduate and go off into the work world. Also losing two staff members and a close friend. One who is going to China to be a missionary for two years. Here what lies ahead
1. Raising 1250.00 dollars a month in new support (15000)
2. Going to Puerto Rico for a month
3. Going to Massachuetts? If all the pieces work out
4. Going to Orlando for a global staff conference
5. Moving out to Riverside

I'm ready lets do this. Or should I say I show up and let Jesus do the rest.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Being Real

Over the past couple of days life has sure been a challenge. On the campus of JU, support, relationships, and trying to stay healthy and active. I can honestly say that my faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that I have to hold onto. Through all of these circumstances God continues to blow my mind away. His favor is crazy
1. Being able to serve as a disciple maker at JU
2. Being able serve as an informal Greek Life Advisor
3. Having an informal relationship with President Tim Cost.
4. Being on a college campus that is going through a major make over (85 million dollars worth).
5. Being in a city that is going through a make over
6. Being apart of a movement that is changing generations.

Walking daily with Jesus takes faithfulness in the small things. It is like baseball we all want to see the homerun. But really singles or base hits are just as important. They are not flashy. Honestly neither is my life right now. Im a 25 year old college graduate who is in debt, barely getting by, living with the parents, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Through this whole process I have seen people's true character through the good and bad. I have seen the ups and downs. The only thing I have to hold onto is Jesus nothing less. Going through the book of Genesis and studying Joseph has made me realize a couple of things:
1. Be faithful in the small things
2. Serve others audaciously with the gospel
3. No matter what season of life you are in give thanks to God.

I really do not have time to talk about the "5 year plan" or what the next season is going to look like. There will sure be changes: Puerto Rico, Orlando, Boston, raising 15,000 dollars more in support, moving out, close friends moving to China and Chicago, but Jesus will still be there. As long as Jesus is here and I love others I'll be fine.

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

False doctrine

One of the things that gets my blood flowing is churches who preach a false doctrine. Christians out of all the religions across the world like to tweak and work the Bible towards an agenda. This is often common in the United States. If Jesus were to come back and take a look at the local church, he would have to say "shame on us." Do not get me wrong there are some foundations that all Christians should have.
1. Jesus is the son of God. He is the only way to salvation through repentance and accepting him as our Lord and savior. John 14:6 Romans 8:23 Ephesians 2:1-8
2. The church is a local body of broken people who come together to celebrate prayer and encourage each other with Jesus at the front. It is also the hope of the world. Acts 2:42-47 Matthew 5:14-15
3. God has commanded all of us to go to all nations and make disciples. Matthew 28

As a college minister I spend so much time having to work through false doctrine. There are so many church kids who have grown up and been exposed to condemnation and religion (Romans 8:1). There are so many people who think being a good moralistic person, and going to church on Sunday is actually carrying out the Great Commission. There are some people who think that our hope and strength is in creation rather than the creator.

What Jesus does want us to see is he is someone who brings order into chaos. Even in the church even in South (God help us), there is chaos. As Christ followers our eyes and hearts need to be on Jesus. The Holy Spirit goes beyond the religion and the make up. He goes straight to the heart. In fact the heart is deceitful and broken above all things. We at all times worship something. Jesus needs to be the center of our worship. As a fraternity man, a college minister, a Republican, I still need Jesus. Homosexuals, murderers, womanizers, Democrats, Barack Obama, we all need Jesus.
Jeremiah 17:7-10, 2 Chronicles 16:9

No sin makes us different from another person. Our world and the church have a tendency to elevate certain sins. Great movements of God's kingdom are started and maintained by faithful followers. Joel Osteen the Republican/Democratic Party or even the United States do not define the kingdom of God!

Lets stop all the bickering and complaining and actually be a people eternally connected and driven by the love and hope of the gospel. That is Jesus took the penalty of death for us. Because we are by nature unable to love God.

Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Its been awhile since I wrote in this thing. Honestly life has been incredibly busy and chaotic over the past couple of months. With raising full support and being on campus, this is my first real season of ministry. That is making disciples, redefining standards, and changing generations.

Mega churches, twitter, Facebook and Instagram paint a really awesome picture of life. In fact I feel sometimes that there are so many false pictures being painted. In today's world we are wired to both images and sounds like never before. For example if I want to read a bible verse, I can view it the actual book IPhone IPad and even listen to it. Sounds like too much work to me.

I often find myself comparing other's highlight real's to the lowest points of my life. That is a bad day on campus, a low turn out for a bible study or just feeling like crap. The only thing I can compare my situation to is Jesus. That is the only image that is consistent with reality. Jesus is reality and he helps us cope with the highs and the lows. Even in your walk with Christ can can run to so many false images (latest podcast, mega church pastor's twitter accounts, self help books). All we really need is Jesus.

Ive been going through the book of Genesis lately and let me tell you it would make for a great season of Dr. Phil. It is a story of God's promise for a nation to be blessed through a family line. But with every twist and turn there is polygamy, and lots of waiting. More waiting and even more waiting.

Waiting for a gift that God has promised your sometimes sucks. That is students to come to Christ, or that future someone. But through all of that God's presence makes those worldly things seem like nothing. Now those are all great things but Jesus is greater. Follow him and experiencing his grace is greater.

I'm done with putting my hope in false God's and blessings. I just want to put my hope in Jesus. I just want to continue to live out my audacious faith for Christ by starting every morning in his presence. Nothing greater, nothing less. Because when I do not do this, I turn away from my purpose. That is to glorify God in a broken chaotic world and bring others into his presence.