Sunday, October 30, 2011

I honestly have no idea what to write sometimes. God is doing so much in my life at such a fast rate it is hard to keep up. Since coming home from Orlando and entering a season of dilligence and obedience, God has provided SO MUCH. What I am doing is so "counter culture". What I am doing with my life goes against the status quo. But what I am doing with my life will hopefully bring others to heaven. That is my ultimate goal for my life to be a testimony to the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

My friend who is on staff with Campus Outreach in Melbourne Florida is doing some lets say some unexplainable things. At FIT he is discipling and growing strong relationships with international Muslim students from Saudi Arabia. He wants to share the gospel and Jesus Christ, grow in fellowship, graduate, and then show them that God wants to use them in amazing ways. He has a vision of them going back and planting a church in Saudi Arabia! I in 10 years hope to be a guest pastor at that church.

I know that someday in 3-5 years I will be preaching the gospel and leading a church that will be "the light of the world" for a broken dark chaotic world.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My generation

I have heard so many pastors tell me that my generation or the next one is going to be the one that restores the high power and honor of Jesus Christ in a broken chaotic world. The kids of yesterday that grew up on the Internet War on Terror and now the Great Recession are some of the hardet workers in modern history. There is an increase number of students graduating from college. About 30-40 percent of my friends are going to graduate school. I myself plan on going next summer. Ok seminary kind of like grad school. At our fingertips thanks to constant innovation, we have acess to a wide array of information. If you want to discover anything or anyone about the world, you are a few clicks away. You can get to know a person before you even meet them thanks to Google Earth, Facebook, and Twitter. You can find out their likes/dislikes cirlces or friends, and what they like to do for a living.

While this is HUGE for the Great Comission and spreading the gospel it has created an atmosphere of loneliness in the 21st century. The norm is to get through life by yourself and figure it out on your own. However my life and so many other goes against the status quo. Sure I do have an IPhone, Twitter, Facebook, and all of that jazz but what I do with my life down to the daily decisions is inter-connected. My close circle of friends and brothers/sisters in Christ cherish community. Look through the book of Acts and you will find that the church is not a brick or dynamic over budget ministries. They are a body of believers. A body of believers who get in the word together, pray, and suffer in the name of Jesus Christ. That group grew from 5 to 5,000 and so on. It then moved to the ends of the Earth and 2000 years later is "the light of the world."

So what does my generation need. They need close real authenticity. They need men and women who are going to be bold enough to point them in the direction of the cross. They need men and women who are not going to gossip about their struggles and past burdens. They need mission based organizations who are going to motivate and push them to the ends of the world. To sum it all up they need ACCOUNTABILITY....FELLOWSHIP....AUTHENTICITY.......AUDACITY