Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Old vs New

In the past things were very comfort, things felt pretty good. The reality is however if God is going to use me for the impossible for his kingdom, I must keep pushing, keep taking one small step than another. For 2012 I am headed to JU, Puetro Rico, North Carolina, and New York City, and Orlando Florida. I will be sharing the gospel, leading bible studies, leading a summer project, going to seminary, motivating and inspiring the next generation of men to do something big with their life. That is for his glory and honor. It is truly an adventure to serve God with everything. It is truly an adventure to do whatever it takes to grow a gospel centered revitalization on the college campus. When people think of Christian organizations, they think of a social club that sits on the sidelines. I want to motivate my boys and the men God places in my life to get off the sideline and get in the fight. To for once be captivated be his glory and presence. Sure there is a lot to give up, but you now walk with a good Shepard through light and darkness. Men you are now victorious because of our savior being raised from the dead! You are moved and built up by the Holy Spirit.

This has been a season of strict discipline and I still have to finish up strong. But I can see light at the end of the tunnel! My precious little self has been molded into a war hearted man who is in poverty. The only way I am made rich is through Christ alone.

The fuel to my life is Christ. If I try to fill my tank up with some other crap, then I will become complacent and apathetic. My sole purpose is to honor God, move through audacious faith, and build up the next generation of men who are going to honor and do the impossible for HIS kingdom. Let me give you a suggestion. If you haven't taken a look outside, this is not Kansas anymore. This world is falling in a plague of sin, depression, brokenness, and separation. But there is something more purposeful and more meaningful. Throughout the bible there are SO MANY scriptures about the hope and prosperity of following God. Jeremiah 29:11, Jeremiah 33:3, 2 Corinthians 4:16, John 10:10, Matthew 11:29, John 3:16. But do not thing my gospel is one of prosperity. We are SONS and DAUGHTERS OF THE FATHER. I don't know what kind of father you had but a Godly father sometimes has to discipline his son..over..over...and over again. Sometimes God puts you through something because only through suffering you draw near to him. Only because of deprivation or removal or something you learn about his character.

There is so much I have learned about the character of God. Some has been breathtaking. Some has been kind of scary because, well of some of the stuff that I will ultimately be held accountable for. But one thing remains. Jesus is my sole purpose in life, and it is my goal and desire to bring a lot of folks with me up to heaven. Through my personal walk, Campus Outreach, or the future church (New Horizon Church sounds like a really great name), I am going to do that. The highest form of selfishness is to go to heaven alone.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

The mediator/gateway to heaven

I always get asked the questions why am I so relentless in walking daily with Jesus Christ. Why is it that I am always seeking God and wisdom through prayer, reading, and discipleship. Why is it that I am always preparing myself for spiritual battle. Why is it that I am constantly praying for the lost, and for some to get off their rear end and actually get in the fight. The fight I am talking about is between life and death. Do you want your life to count? Is it counting now? Are you living a life worth sharing with to God?

Because I hate to be the bearer of bad news, if you are not soley dedicated to following Jesus than your life will have no purpose. I am not talking about following him on Twitter but rather following him day by day hour by hour minute by minute. So there is my answer because almost two years ago my life had no meaning or purpose. In two years God has done so much and prepared for the glory of his kingdom. Most importantly I want to focus on salvation or being rescued.

"But we see Jesus, who was made lower than the angels now crowned with glory and honor because he suffered death so that by the grace of God he might taste death for everyone" The name Jesus means savior. He is the savior of souls. He is the savior who brings honor and glory to the father. To die for all of my screw ups mess ups and idiotic mistakes is something I never ever take for granted.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

I honestly have no idea what to write sometimes. God is doing so much in my life at such a fast rate it is hard to keep up. Since coming home from Orlando and entering a season of dilligence and obedience, God has provided SO MUCH. What I am doing is so "counter culture". What I am doing with my life goes against the status quo. But what I am doing with my life will hopefully bring others to heaven. That is my ultimate goal for my life to be a testimony to the grace and power of Jesus Christ.

My friend who is on staff with Campus Outreach in Melbourne Florida is doing some lets say some unexplainable things. At FIT he is discipling and growing strong relationships with international Muslim students from Saudi Arabia. He wants to share the gospel and Jesus Christ, grow in fellowship, graduate, and then show them that God wants to use them in amazing ways. He has a vision of them going back and planting a church in Saudi Arabia! I in 10 years hope to be a guest pastor at that church.

I know that someday in 3-5 years I will be preaching the gospel and leading a church that will be "the light of the world" for a broken dark chaotic world.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

My generation

I have heard so many pastors tell me that my generation or the next one is going to be the one that restores the high power and honor of Jesus Christ in a broken chaotic world. The kids of yesterday that grew up on the Internet War on Terror and now the Great Recession are some of the hardet workers in modern history. There is an increase number of students graduating from college. About 30-40 percent of my friends are going to graduate school. I myself plan on going next summer. Ok seminary kind of like grad school. At our fingertips thanks to constant innovation, we have acess to a wide array of information. If you want to discover anything or anyone about the world, you are a few clicks away. You can get to know a person before you even meet them thanks to Google Earth, Facebook, and Twitter. You can find out their likes/dislikes cirlces or friends, and what they like to do for a living.

While this is HUGE for the Great Comission and spreading the gospel it has created an atmosphere of loneliness in the 21st century. The norm is to get through life by yourself and figure it out on your own. However my life and so many other goes against the status quo. Sure I do have an IPhone, Twitter, Facebook, and all of that jazz but what I do with my life down to the daily decisions is inter-connected. My close circle of friends and brothers/sisters in Christ cherish community. Look through the book of Acts and you will find that the church is not a brick or dynamic over budget ministries. They are a body of believers. A body of believers who get in the word together, pray, and suffer in the name of Jesus Christ. That group grew from 5 to 5,000 and so on. It then moved to the ends of the Earth and 2000 years later is "the light of the world."

So what does my generation need. They need close real authenticity. They need men and women who are going to be bold enough to point them in the direction of the cross. They need men and women who are not going to gossip about their struggles and past burdens. They need mission based organizations who are going to motivate and push them to the ends of the world. To sum it all up they need ACCOUNTABILITY....FELLOWSHIP....AUTHENTICITY.......AUDACITY

Friday, September 16, 2011

JU Lacrosse

I have never felt more convicted about a group of guys or an organization to spread the gospel to than this group of men. Since meeting up with them for volleyball and only speaking to them for a number of minutes, there is a DIRECT need for the love and grace of Jesus. From talking to a lot of folks on campus there is a definite reputation that follows the guys whether it be good or bad.

Most of them are straight up jacked and out of state. A number of the students are from the north so 7 times out of 10 have never seen a true example Jesus Christ. So that they have never been exposed to true love. They might know Jesus as a historic figure but I want to show these boys Jesus Christ as the PERFECT LOVING MAN WHO DIED ON A CROSS FOR US TO LIVE A LIFE OF JOY AND GRACE FREE TO CONDEMNATION OF SIN. Sure there is a lot to surrender but one thing I love about athletes: they are DILLIGENT. In whatever they do they do well. There is disicpline there is dedication 120 percent everyday. It is hard for even an average skinny golfer like myself to go get in the gym. Its kind of like "the dungeon". But when you begin to be dilligent in the small things, the big things day by day hour by hour month by month become atttainable rather than impossible. Starting this weekend till I get on the campus I will be praying for these guys individually every night.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A new man a new mission

There is something about the grace and love of Jesus Christ that is powerful to those who are willing to come dirty busted and broken to the cross. When you pray repent and give full control to Jesus Christ he will use you in uncapable ways. I came into this project with a lot of anxiety and control issues about the present and future. God in 8 weeks not only shattered every one of those but provided me with a plan and calling that is one of a life time. I get to disciple and build the next generation of Christ laborers at Jacksonville University.

A call to ministry is tough. It requires complete surrender of all worldy desires and patience. It requires a special type of man or woman who is willing to do whatever it takes to spread the gospel. However there is no need to worry or have anxiety because the battle over sin has already been won. When man conquered the grave the war against Satan is won.

It is time to fight cry and spread the gospel in a broken chaotic world. I hate to sound so dark at times but I have witnessed first hand two ends. On one end there is sin darkness brokeness and absoutley no joy. Sure there are temporary pleasures and emotions of happiness but for all of those years there was darkness and questions that I began to ask myself. However on the other it is costly it is sometimes painful but joy and happiness in Christ alone will reign forever.

Besides in Revelations chapter 7 for those who reach heaven, our flesh will be left behind and we will be crowned with a white robe of righteousness that is clean because Christ died for all of our sins in heaven. Can you imagine walking on this world not having to deal with anxiety fear guilt sadness depression from the present and past? That is heaven and I am a citizen of heaven who is captivated by king and kingdom. And the highest form of selfishness for those who haveexperienced the love and grace of Christ would be to go to heaven alone.

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Here We Go

I have been stripped of every worldy passion and idol this summer that has gotten in the way of me glorifying God. In four weeks alone I have come closer to Christ, ended a serious relationship, and answered a call to ministry for the rest of my life.

I will be going on staff with Campus Outreach at Jacksonville University for the 2011-2012, and 2012-2013 school year. From there my goal is to attend Southeast Baptist Theological Seminary and pursue a Masters of Theology. I will not let anyone or anything in this world get in the way of pursuing my dream. I hate to sound selfish but I have a job to do and that is build the next generation of Christ laboers. I have a job to share the gospel. I have a job to solely rely on alone and nothing of this world.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Summer Project

In one of the hottest summers and craziest cities where people from the international world travel to, I am witnessing a true move of God like any other I have been apart of. Just alone in two weeks I have seen four college students including my roomate fully surrender their lives to Jesus Christ. However being down here has costed me a lot. It cost me though a lot of comforts. I do not hold the fate of so much in my hands however it is in the hand's of a awe loving God who continues to give me patience. Even patience working in Harry Potter land. I have ever ever been a fan of the cult like scrapboooking but the food at Three Broomsticks taste marvelous.

There has been a lot of kingdom sweat. I have pretty much been a greenhouse of growth for my faith in Jesus Christ. I have been on mission trips, done discipleship classes. However not soley taking two months out of my life, leaving all the comforts of home to come down here. As of July 28th I am unemployed, the market for teachers is not looking to good. However there is ALWAYS as a market for laborers for Christ. It takes work it takes sacrifice it takes getting out of your comfort zone to bring even closet friends to the gospel. There is this lady at church who my girlfriend told me about. She prayed almost 40 years for her friend to come to Christ. I will try my best to keep everyone updated on what is going on.

Friday, May 20, 2011

Everything has been so uncertain. Everything has never been up in the air like this. I am literally walking by faith alone and day by day hour by hour is a test of my willingness to keep walking and trust in God. Imagine walking in the dark to a destination that is unknown but you know the journey is going to be rough and difficult. Imagine not knowing how you will get there when or if you will have the resources to do it. You might have an idea of what it will look like but even the best vision can not prepare you for what lies ahead.

We walk out of darkness and into light when we choose to go deeper in our walk with Christ. No matter where we are or how big the mountains God is the one who will be the light at the end of the tunnel. The journey will be tough even the most hardend people on this journey will break but, true disciplined cheerful people of character will make it.

Lord right now I pray that no matter where you might guide me in life that I would do the simple things that matter. That I would graciously give to those and help them walk to the light of salvation. I pray that I would council them on your teachings and guide them through their hardships. Even when my flesh my grow weak I still have an ability to inspire by living a life of character. Even though there is darkness around me, Jesus Christ is growing in my heart. I want an audacious faith that is fearless and does not go complacement or reactionary because the journey or race gets hard. When the hard times come I will continue to fight the good fight of faith.

Whether it is Costa Rica, Paxon or any other school, Campus Outreach staff at JU, CSX Aetna I pray that you would continue to prepare me and guide me to wherever you take me. I need to be a cheerful giver, I need to be more disciplined in the daily affairs of my life. Breaking a 5 wood against a tree because your golf game isnt up to par is not the way to go boss.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Luke 9

"Take nothing for the journey whatever house you enter stay there until you leave. If they do not welcome you shake off the dust and leave the town as a testimony against them"

"The knowledge of the kingdom of God has been given to you, but others I speak in parables so that through seeing they may not see through hearing they may not understand"

For those who follow Jesus Christ hold in us love and grace in a savior that can change lives generations and the world. For we have nothing to fear so why is it this world sucks our potiential to to do good out of us? It is fear and not fully surrendering to the will of God.

Because of our nervousness and our fear of losing control it makes us weak. I pray that I wold not become weary or spend so much time glorifying myself. I pray that I would be compelled and moved by the struggle depression and brokeness of others. This world is fierce and unmerciful. But those believers in Jessus Christ with a bold iniative hold the weapons of faith hope and love to break every stronghold and conquer any mountain. Let us raise up.

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Almost there but yet still a bit far away

It seems like with almost less than 4 days to go till graduation that the smell of victory is near. The finish line to the end of something and the start of something even bigger is within my grasp. All in all with the transition of one life set to another, I just want to quit. I just want to give in and quit my freaken job so that I could have a bit more free time. I am tired of working holidays I am tired of doing dealing with the same ole crap, but what is the point? It seems like no matter how extra far I go that it is not good enough.

There are some amazing opporunities within my grasp. I can smell them I can taste them but I fully can not grasp them. Through the past month or so God has been leading me to the ultimate prize. He has been leading me to a dream of a life time. I grow weary I grow tired and sometimes disappointed for days even weeks, yet I have to continue fighting. I will finish this race with the same effort I started it with. I will pursue God contiously growing day by day hour by hour week by week.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

How can I be a fisher, a warrior, a servant for my savior if I continue to serve myself. The more I serve myself the more I rely on myself the more I screw up. The more I curse the more imature I get. There has to be some transparency. There has to be some thankfulness. So stop complaining and use your talents that God has given you to be the light of the world. THERE ARE PEOPLE INCLUDING THOSE CLOSE TO YOU STRUGGLING...THERE ARE PEOPLE CLOSE TO YOU LOOKING FOR ANSWERS....THERE ARE PEOPLE WHO NEED FAITH HOPE AND LOVE. So stop worrying about your situation and pray that God will give you the strength to show them how to be the light of the world. Repent before anything. Be thankful and never be complacent in the search for God's knowlege and love.

Thursday, April 7, 2011

One year ago I was a baby. I was a new son of Jesus Christ. Exactly one year later i am consumed in his love and plan for my life. He has taken this broken individual in this broken world and given him a plan who which he never was capable of accomplishing without him. There is a strong possibility that I will be teaching Social Studies at a small Christian private school...Really??? 1. this economy for any college grad sucks...I do not have the best GPA or the best credentials. 2. education is not a priority in our current government affairs. I am sorry to say Rick Scott and the Tea Party need to get their priorities straight. Thats another story. 3. A small private Christian school? I ethically and spiritually could be teaching the world of God to 8th grade boys> 4. History teacher....youth pastor.....pastor....councilor.......what am i getting myself into. 5. And a year from now I could be proposing to the one girl who seeks God with all of her heart, and thats all that matters to I am not in college no more. 6. Who knows these plans could flop tommorow....but God will get me through this time and time again. However it makes me turn my stomach and get aggrevated when I see folks struggle and they need Christ in their life......but to walk with the King of Kings the Lord of Lords...its a big step...he bled for us...he died for us....he rose for that we could live a peaceful life....glorifying him.....have an audacious faith serving him.....and be filled and made whole walking with him.

Monday, April 4, 2011



After he was baptized by John the Baptist, Jesus Christ never turned fact right after that he went and spent 40 days in the dessert. Imagine a man of flesh who had all of the divine powers inside of him goes into a dessert and relies soley on God for guidance food water and comfort. There are so many stories in the bible where Jesus and other prophets warn us about fear. Fear and worry consume the mind. Fear and worry make us go crazy. However I have found that "a chapter a day makes all the crazies goes away." That is in the bible not Dr. Phil or Oprah's new book (if they have one out or something). Then why is it so many men and women worry and have fear. It is all among us. Fear is something that we have created on our own due to past hurt, present probelms, and future worries.

Monday, March 28, 2011

No Longer WIll I SIt and Suffer

Honestly I will no longer sit in an empty household and torture myself with television sleep or boredom. I am always on the offense I am always thinking/praying about the next way to spread the gospel. However my mind set a lot does not correlate with my actions. I am often lazy I often procrastinate and I am often to selfish sometimes it makes me sick. I just want to live a simple life, the simple life of a child like obsession with Jesus Christ. I think of so many images of Jesus come to mind from paintings to statues to other stuff. However the simple mentality of a servant, or a child, serving God is the greatest thing we can attribute to. However to have this sort of mentality or blessing as I see it takes a lot of growing. It takes a lot of giving up. Flaking out on people, lying, being selfish, is absolutely something that does not need to happen. You want to bring people to Christ? You want to have an audacious faith? You want to be that man God has called to you to be....then Eric James Burke the worldly man must die and a new man in Jesus Christ must arise and put others before himself. Every minute every hour every second. Not when I want to but when God wants me to. It is good to play golf, it is good to go on trips, it is good to do have pleasures through God's blessings but if that is all your life is, or even substitutes pleasures for sucess or work, there is no advancing in the kingdom of God. That is the purpose I live for and that is how all of my actions should revolve around that purpose.

Sunday, March 20, 2011

5 weeks to go and then some more

This world can take its long lasting effect on those who take up the cross daily. Before you know it living a life of dying to your worldy desires, and putting others first before your own interests can be replaced by a hardened bitter heart. If that were to happen then the gospel and the love of Jesus Christ could not be spread.

With all of the things going on in my life and there being so much uncertainity, I have fallen short. I have become so worried about my little agenda and it has plagued some of my closet relationships and ability to be a light for others. For almost 3 days I have drove from home and work screaming and praying, God where is the man that I was a short while ago? Just because our circumstances get tough lets not let up on spreading the gospel. I have found myself even try so hard in some situations however that will get me nowhere. There are some things I need to do. Soften my heart, love endlessly, stop worrying and get a move on with life.

I am going to Haiti and even though it is costing me some criticism from my parnts, and not being able to do some personal things. I am going I leave two months from today and I honestly do not have a dollar raised. Susposviely with my parents approval I will have over half the trip paid for. I pray that they can see there is a huge opporunity for a disciple of Jesus Christ to be such a relevant and beacon of light in a broken country. They need and lots of it. Sure they are worried I am a bit nervous too but it is something God has put on my heart big time. It is something that I can and will do for all for his glory not mine.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

So some might think that I am crazy. Some might think I am doing too much in such a small amount of time. Some might think that I base my life and all of its actions on some text that might be untrue to some. But my question to you, what other purpose are we to turn to? What is your purpose in life and how can you measure that?

How do you fear death? Do you as it as an ending or maybe suffering. In the book of Philippians Paul is trapped in prison and trying to write his thoughts on death. "I eagerly expect and hope that I will in no way be ashamed in my body, but will have sufficient courage so that now as always Christ will be exalted in my body whether by life or death" -1 Philippians 1:20-22

I do not fear death anymore because I know that once my life is over on this world. I will be entering the kingdom of heaven. I want my funeral not to be sad but rather a celebration. A celebration of Jesus Christ. A celebration of how he worked through my life and impacted others.

A lot of this sounds crazy a lot of people think I might be losing my mind, however walking with Jesus Christ is not the most popular thing to do. I am not going to get stoned or stuff like that but this world only knows a certain life style. This world only knows so much. This world is not my home. It is in heaven when I die.

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Honestly there is something about life that keeps me going. There is something about this life that keeps me pushing. There is something about serving an almighty Jesus Christ that keeps me pushing. The only reason why I can walk from one place to another, the one reason I can sometimes only breathe is because of Jesus Christ. I know I am young and full of so much but right now I am in a season that will define the next 10 years of my life. I have no idea where I will be working, living, who I will be with or what the heck I will be doing come August.

But God has EVERYTHING to the smallest of detail lined up.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Is there something up or am I just worrying

No matter if is it about life friends or even family in general I sometimes fear things. I sometimes fear that my friends do not see me as a righteous humble man of God. Lately it seems like my actions have not been lining up. I have been screwing up a lot lately when it comes to making priorities in my life. Honestly no matter what happens, happiness in the world is only temporary. Whether it is with being successful golf course, hanging out with a bunch of dudes, getting that A on that test, it lasts for a short amount of time. What makes me joyful and feel like a champ or hero is when I bring brothers to Christ. Maybe I have given up on that. Maybe I have become apathetic on taking up my cross daily. Maybe that is why that I have fallen by to old desires and feelings. The desires of my heart really dictate everything else The condition of my heart determines everything.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

His People Accelerated Increase

While a bunch of bad things continue to unfold in this broken world I continue to not live a reactionary lifestyle. I do not aspire to achieve the American Dream rather I aspire to live God's dream. If that means dropping everything and moving to Costa Rica or wherever to be a life long missionary, if that means moving up north to start a church then that is what will happen. Sure I want to be successful but only through God's will. I want to live a blameless life. I want to live a life of progression. Complacency for any company or organization equals trouble. However in the eyes of Jesus Christ he never wants us to rest. BECAUSE WE ARE HIS HANDS AND FEET EVERYDAY IT IS SAD TO SAY BUT PEOPLE THAT DO NOT KNOW HIM SPEND AN ETERNAL LIFE IN A BOTTOMLESS PIT. I know its not a feel God feeling it drives me insane when I can not have the right words or actions to lead people to the gospel BUT I WILL NEVER EVER GIVE UP OR LOSE MY FIRE FOR SPREADING THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST. It is not through a sermon or a ministry rather it is through close relationships with people friends family and others. If it takes 40 years of prayer, 4o years of blood sweat and tears, then it is worth it because Christ never gave up on me. God has laid this on my heart so much that whenever a conversation goes sour about bringing a friend brother or family member to Christ, it just tears me apart inside. It makes me cry. But I will continue to pray and never give up until I can no longer do so.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

So I watched the news and saw the following
The Middle East on the verge of being a complete war zone

People protesting in the United States the wealthiest nation in the history of man kind

An earthquake where hundreds of people were killed

Gas prices???? 5.00 a gallon

Idiotic politicians coming up with the same fiscal policy that has not worked time and time again.


Tuesday, February 15, 2011


Honestly the past day and a half I have not done really much. I have been catching up with a lot of folks and praying for them. I have spent the last two days on campus just really really enjoying life. Being in a fraternity, working, applying for full time jobs, church, family, friends, girlfriend, mission trip and the craziness of life can have a daunting drain on us. I am so blessed for this time God has allowed me to just relax and prep up for the upcoming weeks and months.

There is so much change that is taking place with going to a new church, graduating, friends, and all fo that other jazz. But no matter where I am or what the situation might be I will always seek God for refugee strength and wisdom. When we seek him first and foremost everything else falls into place. Everything in this world makes a heck of a lot more sense. I know that whatever storms and mountains I have to climb, God's will prevails because I bring everything to him.

I pray that while life starts to get really busy and change that I can continue to serve him with a cheerful and passionate heart. I pray that my wordly desires die and I take up the cross daily through serving and reaching out to others. I pray that I NEVER LOSE heart in his amazing story love and humbleness.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011


The Star and Crescent shall not by worn by every man but only him who is worthy to wear it. He must be a gentleman a man of honor and courage. A man of zeal yet humble. An intelligent man a man of truth. One who tempers action with wisdom. And above all else one who walks in the light of God.

According to this world the accomplishment of men are measured by a couple of things.
1. the size of your wallet
2. the size of your biceps
3. the size of your sexual drive
4. possessions and the size of your de la casa
5. when you will retire
6. the size of your bank account

Honestly my wallet is looking thin right now, my biceps are not 22's, I am staying pure till marriage, I live with my parents, and the only cool thing I really have are some fantsy golf clubs, I want to work till no longer make an impact, and finally I'm not rolling dubs in my bank account, even when I just got my tax refund check from the IRS. Instead I strive to be more than just those things. I am a man of purpose and principle. A man with a cheerful heart who goes into battle with humble kindness and a selfless desire to show others the light of the cross. Strength and courage comes from walking by faith and not by sight. Strength and courage are gained when I win battles in the name of Jesus Christ. When I conquer a past that might make some stumble for an entire lifetime. I want to be a man that honors god.....loves his future wife.......loves his future kids with everything that he has got in him.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Our Flesh

Sometimes as warriors and champions in Jesus Christ no matter how much we pray and seek God the weakness of our flesh catches up. After ending a 21 day fast lets just say I have been consuming a lot of food. Wendys Chik Fil A the whole shin dig. But on a more serious note I am starting to feel anxiety. I am starting to feel the stress I am starting to freak out. As something as simple about filling out an application for Teach for America. Because it is reminding me of my past. Having to answer questions about my DUI and dive into court records is not the best way to spend an afternoon.

But honestly MY PAST IS ERASED. The emotions or thoughts are still there but the hurt is gone. Because my savior died and hung on a cross for my pain my suffering. He suffered died and rose on the third day. He spent 3 days in hell. Imagine hell because it makes Nazis look like angels compared to hell. The human mind is not capable of thinking of the pain and suffering that Jesus Christ went through.

When I am alone, working on something I have to guard myself. I like being to alone sometimes because it allows me to get stuff done. But I always must be on the offensive. I always must seek no matter how tired or desperate for energy I am.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

"We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed, we always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that life may be revealed in our body" -2 Corinthians 4:8-10

I fight every day for a king and savior that will always love and bless me with so much. Even when I go into battle in this world, I might fail I might lose BUT I AM NEVER DESTROYED. Even when the world throws stress, anxiety, mountains, and darkness in my way I am always victorious. Daily I do not fight battles with a sword or means of war. Rather I do my fighting in the trenches with love grace and righteousness. A concern for others, a concern for those who are oppressed by the world. I fight with prayer. I fight with serving with a cheerful heart.

Day after day when I return at night I am sometimes covered in sweat tears and anxiety. But through prayer I have fellowship and encouragement. I know the cause is worthy I know it is worth the fight. In the end I CAN NEVER LOSE HEART. Because in such a dark cloud of darkness I have seen YAHWEH. The annointed one has saved my soul. Now my broken self and others brothers and sisters are able to fight the good fight of faith knowing Christ is always victorious!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honestly today was a bit tough for me. I have lost 4 pounds during the fast. For someone who weighs only around 125 that is a lot my friend. I have lost energy and can not get through the day sometimes because of what I am fasting for. But I continue to fast because God has performed so many miracles in my life. He has done so much it would take me a whole new blog to detail. But do not worry when I get to heaven, I will be able to thank Jesus Christ and others for being so inspiring. Heaven looks different to all of us, but honestly when I think of heaven I think of peace. "Peace be with you and also with you is a common phrase that many of us will not only be saying but meaning once we get there"

I will also see my grandfather Adolf Hartschlag. Growing up as a young person I truly admired him for being one tough guy. I mean he was a Marine lost a leg, had sweet stuff you can get from those old school Sears catalogs. He even kept a shotgun and ammo boxes in his hold truck. But the more I find out about him through my mom and grandmother about how he kept God at the center of everything I admire him. I admire him for keeping God especially at the center of my grandparents marriage. I pray that me and my future wife can do the same thing. I pray that no matter what we turn to God for everything. I want to be not a guy but a man of God who fights his battles with love humble and kindness. Because being a egotistic prideful guy has gotten me NO WHERE in life accept almost dropping out of college and spending a night in jail. So from here till I reach the gates of my grandfather and other brothers in Jesus Christ.....I will love God with all my heart.

Monday, January 24, 2011


During Awakening 21 days of prayer and fasting so much both inside and outside has happened. In 14 days God has brought me closer to him and provided so much more than ever before. I am experiencing new things and opportunities. I am day by day discovering my soul purpose in life. I am discovering so many things about myself and others for which I did not know (Jeremiah 33:3). There is still going to be bad things that happen on this earth, I am still going to see people suffer but now more than ever I have a selfless desire to show people the gospel. When I see others suffer a part of me suffers. Because this world can be brutal and ruthless. I have felt defeat in this world. But in the eyes of Jesus Christ even though the enemy throws jab after jab after jab, WE ARE NEVER DEFEATED BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST PAID THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. In 14 days I have never felt this sort of happiness. I have never cried tears of joy like this before.I have never been so moved by God it brings me to my knees in church. I have never seen confidence in the man God is making me into. Some fight their battles with words and actions of hate against one another. I fight my battles with the love humble and grace that Christ showed in my life. The grace to use a broken guy like me to be the light of the world, and to follow the Shepard.

Through this whole journey I have been blessed with a couple of brothers in Jesus Christ who like me take up the cross. I have been blessed with brothers who die to their own worldy desires. I have been blessed with men who go against the grips of the world. They fight their battles with love grace and humbleness. They are a beacon of light that can be seen from the farthest east to west. They have helped transform this broken guy into a new man in Christ. I love each and every one of you'll for your unstoppable humbleness grace prayers and encouragment

Kyle Johnson
Matthew Iannatto
Alan Marsh
Scott Moffatt
John Jordan IV
Aaron Austin
Mark Doctor
James Nixon
Kyle Sexton
Josh Turner
Dustin Davis
Alex Sanfilippo
Josh Turner
Stovall Weems
Joel Versace
Kyle Baldasso

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


honestly i have never in at any stage in my life to this day been field with the holy spirit like ever before. i am doing things that i would never be capable of without him. i am saying things and building long lasting relationships only because of him. i am thinking of how to bring the light and story of Jesus Christ to those. No longer does worry anxiety or personal situations consume my thought process. Instead the holy spirit has blessed me with a fire that is solely concerned about the wants and needs of others. To see people suffer crumble and break because of this world gives me more of a desire to show them God. To see God perform the supernatural break addictions tear down walls conquer mountains keeps me going day by day. During this fast god has been moving in my heart and others like a whirl wind. I honestly can not tell you what might happen tomorrow. No longer am I faithless or even think of being faithless. No longer will be grip onto ANYTHING this world has to offer.

There is such a long list of miracles and blessings I have seen in my immediate personal relationships. God has laid so much on me personally and others. My hope and prayer is that those who proclaim to believe in Jesus Christ can continue to "conquer mountains". Conquer mountains for HIS kingdom.

Monday, January 17, 2011

When you start walking in the eyes of the creator daily, when all you want to do is glorify him, when all you want to do is spread the kingdom of God, you begin to notice new things. You begin to notice and feel sorrow and sadness for the homeless guy that you drive by. You begin to feel sorry for your friends. You begin to see new and feel new things.

Honestly during only 8 days of fasting the holy spirit has consumed my heart with a FIRE that wants to do nothing but spread and glorify the love of Jesus Christ. There is something so special about losing grips of this world. There is something so special about driving everywhere I go and praying and worshiping a God who has blessed me with so much. So much that I can not even imagine. I have so many friends, so many brothers in Christ who have been put into my life only because of him. I have so much to offer I have so much potential I FREAKEN A FUTURE IN THE EYES OF A CREATOR WHEN ONCE I HAD NOTHING BUT A WORLDLY LIFE FULL OF TEMPORARY HAPPINESS AND FAILURES. To me life is not all about making a crap ton of money and retiring at 55. There has to be more than that!

The things of this world no longer appeal to me. The hopes and promises of Jesus Christ are what drive me through day by day. When yahweh is revealed to my brothers who have been beaten up by the things of this world, that is what brings me to tears. The name Jesus means "savior" and he has truly saved me time and time again. He heals me time and time again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


For those who did not know I have been on a 21 day fast with my church 1000 other churches totaling around a million people. In only a matter of 7 days I have seen God work so much into my life. Last Sunday Wednesday night and tonight I have experienced the power of God like never before.

Tonight was 2 hours of nothing but prayer and worship. I ran to the altar like I always do three times tonight getting onto my knees. "Jesus Christ I pray for repentance in another chance. Jesus Christ all I want to do is glorify you in my life that is it. Because it is an honor and blessing that he chooses people like me to carry his love and teachings. He died on a cross for me so I will glorify him in every aspect of my life. I am baptized not by water but a fire in my heart that consumes every thought and action in my body. Honestly I made a complete fool of myself this weekend. I made a complete fool of myself at work today. But the power of God moved so much in me when I searched for him, I began to speak and pray in tongues. I was on my knees crying. I was shacking and feeling a warm feeling inside. I saw a white dove even when I had my eyes closed. I heard the voice of God say "Eric do not worry for the battle has already been won because my son conquered the grave for YOU. Get up keep pushing keep praying keep carrying the love of the gospel and I will show you the great and mighty things for which you do not know."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


For some the faith in believing in Jesus Christ is an act of obidence. They worship and give God all the praise in their life because it is the "right" thing to do. It is the right thing to do because everyone else does it. However is it right to not help someone who is in need? Is it not right to be so radical in your faith that a new day is such a blessing?

I spend my long drives to UNF listening to the same 3 or 4 CD's of worship. Everytime I praise and thank God during those drives, my day becomes easier. My day has purpose. There is truely excitment and joy rushing through my vains. Everytime that I go to church and worship that excitment is turn up twenty times. Whenever I go to the alter and meet with God there are tears of joy and sometimes sadness coming out of my eyes. I will and continue to be radical in every aspect of my walk. Because the alternative my friend is a life of dullness and darkness. I can remember almost a year ago right after I gave my life to God, all I had was a promise with him. I did not know even know how to worship God. All I knew was I was going to give this chance with God everything I got. No matter on the mission field or even just going to work, I want to give God all I got. I want to give him everything because he saved me and has blesssed me with so much.