Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Tonight I got a first hand taste of how corrupt this world is. I particpated in a 8th grade student bible study after the FUSE youth service right before SUB30. I am complete shock and awe what some of these kids go through in their lives. From the corrupt households, to having relatives in prison, to having a friend die in a DUI accident at the age of 16. When I heard some of the probelms that some of these guys go through, it almost brought me to tears. I had to take a deep breathe from almost losing it.

But when they lost focused I shared a bit of my testimony and all of their eyes were glued on me. I just pray tonight that they find Christ and establish a great relationship with him. These kids really need spiritual young adult leaders to guide them. I have only been saved for 3 months and I would of never thought of myself witnessing to young middle/high schools. I wish I could meet with them everyday so that they know someone and a whole group of people are praying for them to find Christ. I have never met a group of guys and girls so passionate. I know I cant inspire everyone but man if I can "save one then I can save an entire nation". That nation for these kids is a social group, sports team, a household, or heck even a whole grade level at their school.

Tonight was eye opening all power, and most importantly made me realize that there is people out there with far greater problems than we could ever imagine. So stop complaining and worrying about what people think, and instead worry about those who need a true love that is everlasting....That my friend is Jesus Christ

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Rejoice and spread all of the good news of Jesus to all nations

I have never been challenged or pushed in my entire life like I have tonight. In my walk with Christ he has been building and transforming me to be a disciple as I go throughout life. And so far I have not taken one class or course on discipleship. In my daily interaction with brothers co workers family and friends I have seen amazing joy and compassion in preaching them the good news.

But what about those 2.4 BILLION who have never even heard the amazing love and joy of Jesus Christ. Tonight I learned those folks across the entire globe, have never heard the word of God. And in the bible as Christians it is mentioned over 1600 times to go and preach the Gospel across to all nations. From Genesis to Revelations Apparently our walk with Christ is not just about "us" and living in our comfortable Christan lives.I mean from amazing worship music, numerous small groups, access to outreaches, access to bibles, access to counseling, we sure do have it made.

But what about that little Afghan girl who has never heard about Jesus? What about that one Nigerian tribe leader who was blessed with access to drinking water and medical attention for the first time ever? What do they have? God relies on us to travel across the world, show true compassion and the Gospel of Jesus Christ. For many this will be the most amazing and impact thing they will ever see. So with that being said they will spread that grace and compassion to their fellow tribesmen or citizens. What Jesus wants us to do is "get our hands dirty". That's how the power of Jesus overcomes the enemy in all parts of the world.

Monday, March 22, 2010

O Come Emanuel

Right now at this stage in my life at this moment and this point in time, I have never felt so comfortable of where I am now and where I am headed. Through trial and tribulation I have come to trust the Lord with everything. I know for a fact that sitting right now writing this with the word by my side and candles lit, that he is next to me. I know for a fact when I sleep the enemy will try to get into my head. But a pure mind and spirit that is compassionate and on fire for Jesus Christ can win any battle.

I am just amazed by his awesomeness by his detail and caring. If only folks knew. Well my brothers and sisters if you would just let me share the amazing life of Jesus Christ and guys like Paul and Timothy. For example Jesus Christ left his family, traveled around the world, preaching the Gospel and good news. Was persecuted but did not give in. Continued to heal the hopeless and sick. And then was crucified. I could not imagine any other man in the world to live a life like this. His stories are inspiring and captivating Jesus and his disciples are the "true gentlemen". They are true gentleman.....because they above all else walk in the light of God.

Nearly 2000 years later I wonder how I can play my part to achieve God's purpose. If tomorrow he asked me to fly to Africa India or even somewhere in the middle east to fight the good fight of faith I would. But you see in my city there are battles still to be fought. And I will be at the front lines.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sometimes it just amazes how some folks are. If they only knew how much Jesus Christ cared for them. If they only knew how he suffered for them. If they only knew what miracles he is capable of. If they only knew from someone who wandered and struggled with life for so long with no purpose. I guess you can say before all of this things were good. My flesh and image on the outside were really vibrant, but man on the inside there was little to nothing. No purpose, no vision, nothing. At the core that is what shapes a person's actions attitudes and how they treat everyone else.

Looking back I do not know how I got through some rough times without him by my side. Sitting around especially the past couple of days and just thinking about the past has allowed me to do some great reflecting. I don't let my past weigh myself down but rather I use it as fuel for future achievement. This is the amazing glory of God.

I know starting tomorrow its back to the rush of things. This Spring Break I didn't really do much like go hike the Appalachian Trial or go to a tropical paradise. I mean I had opportunities to do both. But instead I wanted to spend a couple of days just reflecting on where God has taken me these past couple of months, and what he is going to do with my life i the future. I am so ready like never before. But I hope with the business of life, I don't grow weary or apethic. I hope instead I just take things more slower, and think more before I act. And most importantly unlike before know that Jesus Christ is always walking by my side.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

With all of this free time with being on Spring Break, it has allowed me to dive deeper into the word. It seems like even since the holidays things have been so fast paced. Then all of a sudden I go into what you call "the Jesus fast lane" with a fast, joining a new church/ministry, and all other sorts of opporunities that opened to me since recommiting to Christ. But for some reason I have spiritually grown and developed my walk with Christ by just simply diving into the work. Worship, church, sermons, outreaches, are all amazing tools of glorifying God's kingdom but just spending quality time with him at night or before work helps the most. Maybe its because it is just me and HIM one on one.

Sometimes I'll sit down with my brothers family or friends and they'll tell me about a complicated probelm in a friendship realtionship or situation at work. And they try and create these complex solutions to fix the probelm. If they would just learn to put all of that in God's hands he'll take care of it. I mean give me a break I hate to be blunt sometimes. But personally God rescued me, revealed his purpose for me, gave me the outlet to achieve that purpose, and blessed me with the ability to achieve that purpose ALL IN ONE NIGHT. Simply put it in his hands and let him offer you the solution.

I guess what I am trying to say is some folks are afraid of a gigantic church, but just dive into the word light some candles and your current/long term probelms in his hands. Have trust and faith and he will do wonders my friend.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

"he who saves or inspires one can save an entire nation"

There are stages in your life where you could ask yourself, this is not where God has called me to be so how can I bring glory and praise to him? Before I actually had some sort of relationship with God, I always used to complain about how much I had to work and how it is going to get me nowhere. There are so many Kappa Sig functions and other things I could do with my time for example with SG. But walking with him has made me realize no matter if you are serving tables, or even picking up trash do it in the glory of his name. For example when I'm working at Timuquana I always have a smile on my face, I always try to do a bit extra, but sometimes my attitude especially in the past has been so negative. One minute I'll feel good because a member asks me how things are going. But the next minute a fellow employee could say something negative setting me off the deep end. But now I have learned to fight that with something different. Both with co workers and members things are a bit different. Work is the hardest battlefield where the enemy like to play his games.

I have members especially ask me "why are you so cheerful and upbeat, and I would tell them well I as in myself things are going good" But what I have come to realize is that it should be "I am doing this in the name of Jesus Christ who has blessed me with a great personality and compassionate spirit"

In the movie Schinlder's List a gentleman by the name of Oscar Schindler sacrificed his family reputation and life to save 1,800 Jews from death. If captured or arrested by the Nazi' Mr. Schindler his wife and the Jews would be executed. At the end of the Nazi occupation talking with one of the Jews, Mr. Schindler felt guilty because he could of done more. But according to an old Hebrew quote "he who saves or inspires one can save an entire nation". If you are in the process of working where God has called you to be, for now be cheerful in serving all for HIM. Because you do not realize the impact that it will have on your coworkers, family, classmates, brothers, or sisters. Just remember to do it in the name of Jesus Christ who has called you to an amazing life of purpose.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

God has given us two hands -- one to receive with, and the other to give with. We are not cisterns made for hoarding; we are channels made for sharing

For the past couple of days I have had lots of time to do some reflecting since its Spring Break and such. It also has allowed me to sort of just kick it back. This semester especially I have been super busy with all sorts of things. Sometimes were always caught in the moment with so many obligations. And we do not realize what we say and do has such a large impact on folks. I could always remember back in the day even driving somewhere I was always in such a rush. I wanted everything on my time schedule. I really never I guess "enjoyed" the moment. And even with some folks if they did something negative I always took it with a grain of salt.

Just diving into the word at night or even before work and praying for a couple of minutes has done wonders. Probably one of the most amazing things that God has brought back into my life is "enjoying the moment". In times of good and even bad I enjoy the path God is leading me. Whether it be people buildings nature a golf course or food (especially southern food) I take a step back and just thank him for leading me to a certain situation. We all have this image of a picture perfect life in the temporal world that we would like to live, but that image should not matter at all. I thought I had it all figured out at one point but through time I found out it was a life full of hypocrisy.

Patience just does not go in your personal life but with others. In recent weeks as I walk with him, he has lead me to help and disciple some of my friends and even folks I have held grudges with for 5 years. I have done some amazing things and said some things to people that are a shock to myself. I know that he day by day is transforming me. No longer and I Eric J. Burke a man full of happiness love and joy for himself friends and brothers, I am Eric J. Burke a man walking with Jesus Christ who is here to serve and disciple. I have tried many things in this world to satisfy my personal flesh, but they have either burnt out or been full of hypocrisy. Now my is full of true happiness

Monday, March 15, 2010

"A good man is not a perfect man; a good man is an honest man, faithful, and unhesitatingly responsive to the voice of God in his life" - John Fischer

First entry I have really no idea what to write about but here we go. I have always been very open about my daily life beliefs thoughts and ideas which is a good thing I guess.

I have been on this amazing journey with Christ for the past couple of months. It has not been the easiest but I do know I am fulfilling why God put me on this Earth. And that is to serve him. For the longest time I was living a false lifestyle for myself. And filling it with temporary forms of happiness. Sure I wasn't hurting anybody but I was not living for God. Through the holy spirit he has blessed me some amazing gifts and talents for me to accomplish his mission. And that is as a Social Studies teachers at the middle/high school in an inner city school. For some the task of working in that type of environment is stressful. But there is a reason why I work so much. There is a reason why I am really active with Kappa Sig. There is a reason why I help out with tutoring/mentoring students at Eugene Butler. There is a reason why I work so hard in school. God is preparing me for that type of stressful environment. In the next year or two I will begin that journey whether it be in Jacksonville or not I really do not know. But I am sure ready. I just thank God and some brothers and friends who "lead me to the cross". Once I arrived there through Jesus Christ I totally surrendered it all. Fears dreams attitude addictions and my past mistakes and tribulations. Not only did Jesus forgive me and erase those things but he help refine my spirit and provided me with much needed guidance in my life. Through fasting prayer and serving him I am now apart of a new family of men and women on FIRE for God.

I played golf with my dad then had dinner with the family today. I do not know what is about the game of golf but it is so calming and easy going. Sometimes it can be frustrating because it tests your patience and mental ability. Hopefully I am going to spend the rest of this week relaxing, catching up with my brothers, homework, and diving into the word.