Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Battle for the Throne, Evil vs Peace, Grace vs Sin

The greatest stumbling block for any person can be himself. With all of the crazy thoughts and ideas, the human heart is wicked and decitful. In Jeremiah 17 of the Old Testament, God illustrates this illusion.

However praise be to God that grace and mercy is following us. Even when we go to the club a bar, it follows us. Grace is relentless in streching out its open arms for us. You see before the creation of Earth, grace was already created by God himself. That is in man's most perfect form, where man could love and experience God's grace the most. Again a person's relationship with their father whether good or bad is the greatest form of human love and satisfcation.

Even being in full time ministry, even being saved and awed by grace, I still screw up big time. Whenever I run away from my creator and savior, and try to do my own thing, it blows up. Whenever I try to go with my own desires or feelings, they get crushed. Sure they might be fulfilled for a couple of days, but eventually that fulfillment goes away.

People sometimes wonder how outspoken and passionate I am for Jesus Christ. We you put ask Jesus to come in and be your savior and everlasing purpose, it all adds up. This world is broken and all of its ways systems and desires will eventually perish. However the blood of the lamb that died for the forgivness of my sins will never perish! Jesus is coming again to rescue his children. Until then this place is only temporary. I have one life and I sure do not want to waste it living in apathy or guilt.

I have not always made the smartest decisions, and God has taken me through a lot of valleys to draw me closer to him. Being a 24 year old fraternity guy who is extremely full of passion, there are a lot of idols to crush. God is softening my heart and changing desires that I have had for all of my life. It is not a one time fixing process. Lordship, that is glorify God as your savior and "Lord" takes time (days, months, years).

The greatest strength gift or strength that the Lord has blessed me with is a passion for the word, and changing lives that is relentless. The greater the cirumstances, the greater God can do because he capable of anything. And as his children we can expect all of his blessings, all of his love, all of his righteouness. Im not saying he is going to bless you with a 5 bedroom house, 3 handicap golf game, and 4 healthy children. All of those things are great, however we need to always align ourselves with the source and not the actual resource!!

I will never lose not, I will never give up, I will take over this world for Jesus Christ, and bring as many people as I can with me. Because the Holy Spirit before the creation of this world put this vision on my heart. I am a chosen one, I have a great high priest whos radiance stretches east as far as the west. I have a savior who made himself lower than the angels, now crowned with victory, who tasted death for me. The author and perfector of my faith, for HIS kingdom will be used to bring Glory to Him!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Self righteous

In recent weeks I have been faced with greater and greater challenges. In my walk with God and being called to full time ministry, I sometimes feel taking two steps and then all of a sudden I am pushed back 3. However the Lord continues to work on the most important component of a person. That is their heart.

James 17 5-10 and 2 Chronicles 16:9 illustrate how wicked and selfish the human heart is. It this rugged individualistic society, discussing the deepest desires of our heart goes against human nature. Every action and thought is controlled by some desire or priority of our heart. When I meet up with a student or have a spiritual conversation I always try to focus on the priorities of their heart. Our society even in the church has a priority of elevating sins. For example being an alcoholic or drunk attic is greater than being a idolizing money or politics. The biggest probelm with elevating sin is that it goes against the foundation of the gospel. Jesus Christ did not just die for broken sinful people, but he also died for gay people. He also died for Democrats, he also died for people in prison. If a Democrat or homosexual was to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their lord and savior, that makes them a Christian.

God continues to crush the idea of being self righteous in my heart. I have in recent months continued to use my position and theology to make it look like I have it all together. Being involved in the church for so long, I know how to turn on the "I have it all together sign". God does not want some phony arrogant self righteous lunatic who has it all together. God wants us to come to him broken as a child as a sinner. He wants a heart that is soft so that his love and grace can heal us. I have experienced grace, however I continue to be like a "dog returning to its own vomit (Proverbs 23:11). And I continue to "crucify Jesus Christ and put him into public display and scorning" (Hebrews 6:6).

It does matter if you live a life giving millions to charity, or being a good moral person who attends church on Sunday. If Jesus Christ is not on the throne of your heart, you will not experience pure joy. I need God out of desperation because of my sinful nature. My prayer life and dialogue reflects that, however my thoughts and actions do not. This is the hardest lesson that I have had to learn, and from now on I want to be a humble man who will serve the needs of others greater than myself. I boast in nothing but the precious Lamb of Jesus Christ. I will labor and serve endlessly even in chaos because of the grace Jesus has shown me day in and day out.

Friday, May 4, 2012


The church is the bride of Jesus Christ. When I think of a bride, I think of expressions like intimacy beauty character and deep love. Many people however in the United States interpret and interact with the church with a political and social matter. For example some see the church as a "social club or country club". There is politics gossip and backstabbing among its members. Other see the church as a political insitution that uses stance and resources to influence both local state and national government. For example in the 1980's the "Moral Majority" was created to bring conserative and social reform to moral issues such as abortion and prayer in public schools.

Based on my expereience and evidence in God's these two illustrations are completely false. And anyone who uses the church soley for the functions above is not a true Christ follower. The church is a place where a group of different political economic and social backrounds come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Acts 2: 45-47 provides the ideal illustration for the basic functions and mission of the church. Jesus Christ did not die for a church to put all of their time and resources into politics and doctrine. Jesus Christ died for people. That is right he died for souls. If you do not understand this then you have no idea what true grace is. Please stop being so concerned with correct theology or politics and try to embrace grace by following Christ with audacious obedience in his teachings and character.