Tuesday, August 21, 2012

It starts now!!!!

I am about to enter a new season of my life, and let me tell you it is already looking busy as anything. From the events going on at JU with Campus Outreach, Rush week, Fall Retreat, Vision Day the list keeps going and going. Doing college ministry requires a huge sacrifice because it is not your typical 8 to 5 job. Sure I sometimes has week days off, however there are some days I will put in 70-80 hours a week.

For almost a year now I have seen God work a supernatural miracle by putting together my support team. I have also witnessed him put together a family of brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ who are like family to me. Almost every night, friends from church are getting together for fellowship and just celebrate all that God has done. Over half the time, we do not have serious conversations but simply the presence of another person means so much in a dark broken chaotic world.

This semester I have an amazing vision and plan, however I know that God is the one with the final word on what happens. That is honestly ok. If I had it my way personally, I would of been at 100 percent a long time ago. But the presence of Jesus Christ and the grace that he has showed really means so much more. The lessons he has taught me, the people and experienes he has put in my life illustrate he relenlessly love for me.

In a 4 month span I will be spending a lot of time at JU, Daytona, Christ Church, and hopefully take a trip to North Carolina and visit a buddy of mine in NYC. I hope that I can find some quiet time to play golf, and maybe go on a hunting trip or two. Well here it goes

Friday, August 3, 2012

I still can not believe that Campus Outreach is three weeks away from their second year on the campus of JU. A year ago there was so much up in the air including the follow.
1. The sucess or failure of moving from UNF to JU
2. The sucess or failure of doing our first Puerto Rico Project
3. The sucess or failure of two staff raising 36,000 dollars in financial support

It only because of God that all of these things are possible. It is only because of God that students lives have been and will continued to be changed by the love and grace of Jesus Christ. God is for God and he is most glorified through his people showing unconditional love for others in a broken chaotic world. God did not send us on this world to glorify ourselves, he sent us for his glory.

All of the favor and blessings that I continue to experience day after day are great, but I must not lose my sight of Jesus. Often at times Christians focus on the blessing rather than the source of a blessing. What if God gave you nothing, and all you had was Jesus? Sure would be a tough time. It would really test our faith. But time on this world is only a vapor, and our king has prepared us a great home in heaven! (John 14). It was bought with the precious blood of Jesus Christ, not your hard labor or good works. So for a short while let us rejoice by loving others like Jesus first loved us. Yes that even means homosexuals too.

If we want to see a Christ Centered Resurgence in the western church, we simply need to get back to basics, aka what Jesus teaches us to do . Worship experiences, 10 million dollar churches, and dynamic preaching are great but that is only 10 percent of the equation. In a world that lacks true authentic relationships, people are searching. Church we need to step up.

Over the past couple of weeks I have been so convicted of this. The simple face of loving your neighbor, and folks in your sphere of influence is what we need to do. Stop living self centered lives and it around Jesus Christ!!!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

A Great Commission Resurgence

It was really great seeing men and women come together today and make a stand for Christian values. It is very American too! Standing in line for one hour to bite into a refreshing chicken sandwich. I must admit Chick Fil A is one of my favorite places to eat.

After really thinking about it, I thought to myself WWJT: What Would Jesus Think? Sure we are taking a stand for what is right in our faith but are we doing this only because of "convenience"? What if Jesus asked you to take a stand, and dedicate 1-2 years out of your life to go and spread the gospel among the nations? What makes me so sad about the average Christian is their hyporcisy. A lot of Christians who have been born and raised in gospel centered churches only take a stand for Jesus out of convience. But do you realize that Jesus calls EVERYONE OF HIS FOLLOWERS TO GO AND MAKE DISCIPLES OF ALL NATIONS?" (Matthew 28). "Well Eric let me tell you theres enough people for that"

You must be out of your mind. More than ever there is a need for a Great Commission Resurgence in the church. If the following data below does not stir you up, you might want to question your salvation in Jesus Christ. We were once broken sinners, sentenced to death because of our sin. But now Jesus has rescued us and given us his Holy Spirit to go and be the light of the world!! (Matthew 5). Below are some facts about spreading the gospel to the nations.

2.3 billion people in the world have never heard the name or story of Jesus Christ.

1,568 ethnic groups across the globe have no Christians in their region

2 missionaries for every 1 million Muslims across the world

The church aka those who profess Jesus as their lord and savior need to get off their butt and make a radical lifestyle change for this to take place. We should not be chasing the American Dream, but rather chasing the Dream that Jesus has laid out for his disciples. If you want to experience the presence of God like never before in your life, you do not need another worship experience. What you need to do is begin my developing a heart for the a nation or certain social culture.

To see change and revivial in an ever increasing broken chaotic world, we need to fight our hope and salvation in Jesus Christ and the church!! Not a political or moral set of values but rather what Jesus tells us to do! You have one life do not waste it.

Dr. Daniel Akin, President Southeast Baptist Seminary, Great Commission Resurgence

Dr. John Piper, Pastor Bethlehem Baptist Church

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Gay Marriage, Chik Fil A, and The Gospel

I am usually not a big fan of writing on political issues, however it seems like in recent weeks the issue of gay marriage has been linked to the evangelical church. Personally I am against gay marriage and believe in the biblical definition of marriage between one man and one woman. I also a firm believer in the states playing a pivotal role in this issue. Ok so there is my political stance but lets get to the one that matters. What does Jesus really think of this issue???

The church too me personally has spent way too much time trying to figure out the right solution to this issue. Yes the United States is getting more socially acceptable. Yes the United States is becoming more Post Modern. Yes the United States moral and social values are becoming more loosely liberal. But that does not mean the church (the bride of Jesus Christ) should go away from its main vision? That is to love EVERYONE with the same love God demonstrated by sending his only son to die on the cross. Homosexuals, murderers, raptists, Republicans Democrats, CEO's, doctors and nurses are all broken busted sinners and we all need the love and grace of Jesus Christ. No sin is greater than another. The CEO who puts their hope and faith in money and politics is the same as the homosexual. That my friends is the gospel. It sometimes discust me to see Christian businesses and churches who go away from this. For example, the family who owns Chik Fil A recently released this statement on FoxNews.

“I think we are inviting God’s judgment on our nation when we shake our fist at him and say, ‘We know better than you as to what constitutes a marriage,’” Cathy said. “I pray God’s mercy on our generation that has such a prideful, arrogant attitude to think that we would have the audacity to try to redefine what marriage is all about.”

The church is not the Moral Majority, a set of theological doctrines and laws, it is a group of broken busted sinners who come together to celebrate the love and grace of Jesus Christ. The church is a group of people who come together to worship and give their lives and resources away to a broken chaotic world. Instead of giving away your time effort and resources to a super PAC or a political candidate, give to something that provides ultimate purpose and fulfillment. Give to something that will ultimately help change lives for generations!!!!!

It has been an honor and blessing to develop a global perspective. Did you know that right now there are 2.3 billion people in this world who have NEVER heard the story of Jesus Christ? Did you know that right now there are more slaves in human sex trafficing than ever before? Lets actually put all of our thoughts actions hopes and desires into what Jesus taught us to do before he left Earth!!! Did you know right now that the accumlated wealth among evangelicals is 2.3 trillion dollars???

It is my prayer that this generation I am apart of will show the world perfect love. Not love for a response or for approval but perfect sincere Christ like love. Below I have provided some great resources to books that highlight the meaning of the gospel. And no Joel OSteen is not the gospel!!!




Saturday, May 19, 2012

A Battle for the Throne, Evil vs Peace, Grace vs Sin

The greatest stumbling block for any person can be himself. With all of the crazy thoughts and ideas, the human heart is wicked and decitful. In Jeremiah 17 of the Old Testament, God illustrates this illusion.

However praise be to God that grace and mercy is following us. Even when we go to the club a bar, it follows us. Grace is relentless in streching out its open arms for us. You see before the creation of Earth, grace was already created by God himself. That is in man's most perfect form, where man could love and experience God's grace the most. Again a person's relationship with their father whether good or bad is the greatest form of human love and satisfcation.

Even being in full time ministry, even being saved and awed by grace, I still screw up big time. Whenever I run away from my creator and savior, and try to do my own thing, it blows up. Whenever I try to go with my own desires or feelings, they get crushed. Sure they might be fulfilled for a couple of days, but eventually that fulfillment goes away.

People sometimes wonder how outspoken and passionate I am for Jesus Christ. We you put ask Jesus to come in and be your savior and everlasing purpose, it all adds up. This world is broken and all of its ways systems and desires will eventually perish. However the blood of the lamb that died for the forgivness of my sins will never perish! Jesus is coming again to rescue his children. Until then this place is only temporary. I have one life and I sure do not want to waste it living in apathy or guilt.

I have not always made the smartest decisions, and God has taken me through a lot of valleys to draw me closer to him. Being a 24 year old fraternity guy who is extremely full of passion, there are a lot of idols to crush. God is softening my heart and changing desires that I have had for all of my life. It is not a one time fixing process. Lordship, that is glorify God as your savior and "Lord" takes time (days, months, years).

The greatest strength gift or strength that the Lord has blessed me with is a passion for the word, and changing lives that is relentless. The greater the cirumstances, the greater God can do because he capable of anything. And as his children we can expect all of his blessings, all of his love, all of his righteouness. Im not saying he is going to bless you with a 5 bedroom house, 3 handicap golf game, and 4 healthy children. All of those things are great, however we need to always align ourselves with the source and not the actual resource!!

I will never lose not, I will never give up, I will take over this world for Jesus Christ, and bring as many people as I can with me. Because the Holy Spirit before the creation of this world put this vision on my heart. I am a chosen one, I have a great high priest whos radiance stretches east as far as the west. I have a savior who made himself lower than the angels, now crowned with victory, who tasted death for me. The author and perfector of my faith, for HIS kingdom will be used to bring Glory to Him!

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Self righteous

In recent weeks I have been faced with greater and greater challenges. In my walk with God and being called to full time ministry, I sometimes feel taking two steps and then all of a sudden I am pushed back 3. However the Lord continues to work on the most important component of a person. That is their heart.

James 17 5-10 and 2 Chronicles 16:9 illustrate how wicked and selfish the human heart is. It this rugged individualistic society, discussing the deepest desires of our heart goes against human nature. Every action and thought is controlled by some desire or priority of our heart. When I meet up with a student or have a spiritual conversation I always try to focus on the priorities of their heart. Our society even in the church has a priority of elevating sins. For example being an alcoholic or drunk attic is greater than being a idolizing money or politics. The biggest probelm with elevating sin is that it goes against the foundation of the gospel. Jesus Christ did not just die for broken sinful people, but he also died for gay people. He also died for Democrats, he also died for people in prison. If a Democrat or homosexual was to repent of their sins and accept Jesus as their lord and savior, that makes them a Christian.

God continues to crush the idea of being self righteous in my heart. I have in recent months continued to use my position and theology to make it look like I have it all together. Being involved in the church for so long, I know how to turn on the "I have it all together sign". God does not want some phony arrogant self righteous lunatic who has it all together. God wants us to come to him broken as a child as a sinner. He wants a heart that is soft so that his love and grace can heal us. I have experienced grace, however I continue to be like a "dog returning to its own vomit (Proverbs 23:11). And I continue to "crucify Jesus Christ and put him into public display and scorning" (Hebrews 6:6).

It does matter if you live a life giving millions to charity, or being a good moral person who attends church on Sunday. If Jesus Christ is not on the throne of your heart, you will not experience pure joy. I need God out of desperation because of my sinful nature. My prayer life and dialogue reflects that, however my thoughts and actions do not. This is the hardest lesson that I have had to learn, and from now on I want to be a humble man who will serve the needs of others greater than myself. I boast in nothing but the precious Lamb of Jesus Christ. I will labor and serve endlessly even in chaos because of the grace Jesus has shown me day in and day out.

Friday, May 4, 2012


The church is the bride of Jesus Christ. When I think of a bride, I think of expressions like intimacy beauty character and deep love. Many people however in the United States interpret and interact with the church with a political and social matter. For example some see the church as a "social club or country club". There is politics gossip and backstabbing among its members. Other see the church as a political insitution that uses stance and resources to influence both local state and national government. For example in the 1980's the "Moral Majority" was created to bring conserative and social reform to moral issues such as abortion and prayer in public schools.

Based on my expereience and evidence in God's these two illustrations are completely false. And anyone who uses the church soley for the functions above is not a true Christ follower. The church is a place where a group of different political economic and social backrounds come together to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ. Acts 2: 45-47 provides the ideal illustration for the basic functions and mission of the church. Jesus Christ did not die for a church to put all of their time and resources into politics and doctrine. Jesus Christ died for people. That is right he died for souls. If you do not understand this then you have no idea what true grace is. Please stop being so concerned with correct theology or politics and try to embrace grace by following Christ with audacious obedience in his teachings and character.

Friday, April 6, 2012


I can remember about a year ago on the surface I had it all together. I had an amazing relationship with a girl that was headed towards marriage, and even looked like a southern charm. Looking towards graduation I had the entire future ahead of me. I had two job offers and was even looking towards marriage. Well here I stand one year later and all of that is taken away.

However on the inside a year ago my relationship with God was like a spiritual tomb. My trust and salvation was still in his hands, but I did nothing to pursue my author and perfecter of my faith. But now I stand one year later where EVERYTHING I do on a hour to hour minute to minute basis is anchored in his Holy Spirit. If I go a day without diving into God's word, I feel apart of me is missing. I feel like a person with cancer without medication.

In recent weeks and months I have been experiencing the "sweet and constant aroma of God's grace" When preachers or folks in the church mention grace, people think of a doctrine or definition. They want the right "theological answer".

Grace is not a definition or theology it is the greatest gift that mankind and this universe has ever experienced. Grace is greater then creation itself. It makes the universe look like a peanut. Grace is Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. Grace is Jesus Christ bearing the SHAME of our shortcomings and sins. Grace is something that is powerful. Grace is Jesus Christ diving into darkness, rescuing you from the depths of hell and bringing you into the light of the Father's mighty unending power. As Christ follower we need to both "embrace experience and elevate" grace! I could write a sermon on this topic. Maybe two or three.

Graces comes to reach us time and time again and we ask ourselves, what the heck is this? Wherever Jesus Christ goes, grace follows. It looks us in the eyes time and time again whenever we sin. It offers unconditional love that is greater than any form of satisfaction this world can offer us. To this Easter season, I am going to "Embrace Grace"

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

The Sweet Aroma of Grace

The walk in any person's life is just like the game of golf. It requires patience, skills, determination, and it is an experience with a wide variety of human and non human elements. For some odd reason today I have been experincing a sweet aroma of Jesus Christ. It is an aroma that is powerful than any stronghold. I did not win the lottery, or cash in a huge stock profit. But if you saw the smile that I had on my face while watching this random documentary on golf, you thought something huge would of happend.

I honestly can not describe it, well I can through pointing to God's scriptures, and all of the miracles that he has point into my heart. Some people measure sucess by the checks in their box for life. But I measure my sucess in life by the overflowing joy of Jesus Christ. I measure it by feeling the love and power of Jesus Christ that first rescue me from the deepest dark waters. My passion is to show as many people as I can its power and intimacy. Imagine a husband or wife giving you that perfect intimacy. Everytime unconditionally. That is what the power and love of Jesus Christ is like. It is audacious it is moving it is everlasting. It is far as the eyes can see from the east to the west.

Sunday, March 11, 2012

An Illusion of Safety: Broken

At church today during our worship service I saw a grown man next to me cry and drop to his knees. The bearing that he carried into church today was broken by the grace and power of the Holy Spirit.

Throughout my entire life I always had this illusion of security or fulfillment. I thought to myself that if I could fill myeslf up with the good things of this world, everything would be ok. I could use those to satsify the longest desires of my heart. I replace the good and supress the bad or negative things that plague my soul. However in my recent time since graduating from college, that illusion has been broken. We can cover it up with money, power, sucess, Brooks Brothers Polos, the perfect golf swing, the perfect body, the perfect wife, even the perfect family.

Now do not get my wrong all of these things are not bad, but when they become the center of your life it creates a big illusion. It is a sad thing that I have seen all of these things break! I have seen all of these illusion break because of the love and grace of Jesus Christ. That is the thing that brings me perfect intimacy, perfect joy, perfect grace. There is no illusion in Christ. There is real relevant life chaning power because of his supernatural grace. Supernatural grace that has sometimes left me speechless. There is true power in the name of Jesus Christ to not only break every chain of our life. But to give us POWER. Power to conquer this broken world and to rejoice in all of his generosity for our life. 1 Corinthians 9:22 highlights this power "To the weak I became weak, to win the weak, I have become all things to all men so that by all possible means I might save some."

I am so FREE not living an illusion. Sure I still play golf, wear Brooks Brothers oxfords, and maybe enjoy a steak dinner here and there but I do not MAKE THEM THE CENTER OF MY LIFE. When you put all of your energy, effort, work, and passion into creation rather than the CREATOR of CREATION...ooh boy you are setting yourself up for destruction. I am sorry to say that the "American Dream" is only an illusion. But the "Dream for Jesus Christ" is reality.

Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some people try to define love in this world. Often they measure love based on how much was shown to them through a realtionship with a father or spouse. When someone ask such a philosophical like that, I often turn to the bible or past experience to try and answer that. However I read this book tonight that illustrated a true definition of love. Of course if comes from the sovern God of the universe who loves us more than any person, or thing on this Earth. That is because he sent his perfect sinless son to die on the cross for our guilt and shame.

People often illustrate the death of Jesus as this clean holy ceremony. But do you think God would just sacrifice his only Son that easily, for our discusting filthy sins? Imagine your deepest darkest secrets being revealed to our spouse or family. Because that is what the day of judgment is going to look like. But by his grace we have been set apart. That darkness will eventually be brought to the light of the Father!

"Christ love for the church is without limit. When Jesus died for his bride (the church), she was dirty and sinful. She was acting like his enemy. Yet he still choose tolove her and lay down his life for her-not in a quick, easy death but allowing himself to be mocked and beaten then nailed to a Roman cross. Jesus, the one who deserved to suffer the least for human sin, paid the highest price to meet his bride's deepest need." (That courageous love)

Saturday, January 14, 2012


Honestly there has been a lot of God's favor in my personal life throughout these past couple o f weeks. Close friends and Campus Outreach have found favor in Christ and he continues to bless his people even though we do not deserve it. Through prayer obedience and walking by faith on a day to day basis, I am truely amazed by his grace.

Some people who are might ask, if God is a giver than why does God take away? Why does God put me through bad situations? God does not owe you a dime! Because of our broken sinful nature we deserve death. The greatest gift in the history of gifts was given on a cross. That should be enough. If we look with a big picture perspective, time on this world is short. There is going to be a lot of giving in heaven. But now even on this world, I am truely content where God has me.

Sure Im not at 100 percent support yet, I have a lonngg way to go till I am a pastor, but God has blessed me time and time again. My love towards others and serving him is because of the joy I have through loving God. Besides if you look at any other person who has everyting a man could have, there is no everlasting joy there. I have seen to many people, and tried to find ultimate joy and purpose in this world. It all falls short! For the past couple weeks I kept asking myself, when will I get my big break? When will God follow through on a certain couple of subjects? I am done with that stuff.

The icing on the cake for that was last night at Winterjam. I met a lady who has honestly been through hell and back. She is from Iran and is a converted Muslim. She told me that a couple weeks ago she returned from Iran because of her son being killed by the government. Even with the loss of her son, she still jumped for joy! She had more joy for God and for life than anyone I have ever met so far in life. It left me speechless, it left me thinking about now and where I would be today if I did not have God in my life. Probaley sucessful but miserable. An alcoholic with a short temper and absoutley no true friends.

However by walking with God day to day (which is by means no walk in the park) I am a game changer! I am a man who is motivating other men to be game changers! I am motivating men to go to the nations and spread the gospel. God has given me the ability to lead people to salvation! God has given me the ability to be the helping hand in inviting people to heaven! Come on if that does not get you motivated then I do not know what will! If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you are a game changer! You are light in darkness! Light of the world! Be the Tim Tebow of your business! Be the Tim Tebow of your family! Let every thought and action be an overflow of joy for others so that they see Christ in YOU! Goodbye apathy goodbye discontent.