Saturday, January 29, 2011

"We are hard pressed on every side, yet not crushed, we are perplexed, but not in despair, persecuted, but not forsaken, struck down but not destroyed, we always carry around in our body the death of Jesus, so that life may be revealed in our body" -2 Corinthians 4:8-10

I fight every day for a king and savior that will always love and bless me with so much. Even when I go into battle in this world, I might fail I might lose BUT I AM NEVER DESTROYED. Even when the world throws stress, anxiety, mountains, and darkness in my way I am always victorious. Daily I do not fight battles with a sword or means of war. Rather I do my fighting in the trenches with love grace and righteousness. A concern for others, a concern for those who are oppressed by the world. I fight with prayer. I fight with serving with a cheerful heart.

Day after day when I return at night I am sometimes covered in sweat tears and anxiety. But through prayer I have fellowship and encouragement. I know the cause is worthy I know it is worth the fight. In the end I CAN NEVER LOSE HEART. Because in such a dark cloud of darkness I have seen YAHWEH. The annointed one has saved my soul. Now my broken self and others brothers and sisters are able to fight the good fight of faith knowing Christ is always victorious!!!!

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Honestly today was a bit tough for me. I have lost 4 pounds during the fast. For someone who weighs only around 125 that is a lot my friend. I have lost energy and can not get through the day sometimes because of what I am fasting for. But I continue to fast because God has performed so many miracles in my life. He has done so much it would take me a whole new blog to detail. But do not worry when I get to heaven, I will be able to thank Jesus Christ and others for being so inspiring. Heaven looks different to all of us, but honestly when I think of heaven I think of peace. "Peace be with you and also with you is a common phrase that many of us will not only be saying but meaning once we get there"

I will also see my grandfather Adolf Hartschlag. Growing up as a young person I truly admired him for being one tough guy. I mean he was a Marine lost a leg, had sweet stuff you can get from those old school Sears catalogs. He even kept a shotgun and ammo boxes in his hold truck. But the more I find out about him through my mom and grandmother about how he kept God at the center of everything I admire him. I admire him for keeping God especially at the center of my grandparents marriage. I pray that me and my future wife can do the same thing. I pray that no matter what we turn to God for everything. I want to be not a guy but a man of God who fights his battles with love humble and kindness. Because being a egotistic prideful guy has gotten me NO WHERE in life accept almost dropping out of college and spending a night in jail. So from here till I reach the gates of my grandfather and other brothers in Jesus Christ.....I will love God with all my heart.

Monday, January 24, 2011


During Awakening 21 days of prayer and fasting so much both inside and outside has happened. In 14 days God has brought me closer to him and provided so much more than ever before. I am experiencing new things and opportunities. I am day by day discovering my soul purpose in life. I am discovering so many things about myself and others for which I did not know (Jeremiah 33:3). There is still going to be bad things that happen on this earth, I am still going to see people suffer but now more than ever I have a selfless desire to show people the gospel. When I see others suffer a part of me suffers. Because this world can be brutal and ruthless. I have felt defeat in this world. But in the eyes of Jesus Christ even though the enemy throws jab after jab after jab, WE ARE NEVER DEFEATED BECAUSE JESUS CHRIST PAID THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE. In 14 days I have never felt this sort of happiness. I have never cried tears of joy like this before.I have never been so moved by God it brings me to my knees in church. I have never seen confidence in the man God is making me into. Some fight their battles with words and actions of hate against one another. I fight my battles with the love humble and grace that Christ showed in my life. The grace to use a broken guy like me to be the light of the world, and to follow the Shepard.

Through this whole journey I have been blessed with a couple of brothers in Jesus Christ who like me take up the cross. I have been blessed with brothers who die to their own worldy desires. I have been blessed with men who go against the grips of the world. They fight their battles with love grace and humbleness. They are a beacon of light that can be seen from the farthest east to west. They have helped transform this broken guy into a new man in Christ. I love each and every one of you'll for your unstoppable humbleness grace prayers and encouragment

Kyle Johnson
Matthew Iannatto
Alan Marsh
Scott Moffatt
John Jordan IV
Aaron Austin
Mark Doctor
James Nixon
Kyle Sexton
Josh Turner
Dustin Davis
Alex Sanfilippo
Josh Turner
Stovall Weems
Joel Versace
Kyle Baldasso

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


honestly i have never in at any stage in my life to this day been field with the holy spirit like ever before. i am doing things that i would never be capable of without him. i am saying things and building long lasting relationships only because of him. i am thinking of how to bring the light and story of Jesus Christ to those. No longer does worry anxiety or personal situations consume my thought process. Instead the holy spirit has blessed me with a fire that is solely concerned about the wants and needs of others. To see people suffer crumble and break because of this world gives me more of a desire to show them God. To see God perform the supernatural break addictions tear down walls conquer mountains keeps me going day by day. During this fast god has been moving in my heart and others like a whirl wind. I honestly can not tell you what might happen tomorrow. No longer am I faithless or even think of being faithless. No longer will be grip onto ANYTHING this world has to offer.

There is such a long list of miracles and blessings I have seen in my immediate personal relationships. God has laid so much on me personally and others. My hope and prayer is that those who proclaim to believe in Jesus Christ can continue to "conquer mountains". Conquer mountains for HIS kingdom.

Monday, January 17, 2011

When you start walking in the eyes of the creator daily, when all you want to do is glorify him, when all you want to do is spread the kingdom of God, you begin to notice new things. You begin to notice and feel sorrow and sadness for the homeless guy that you drive by. You begin to feel sorry for your friends. You begin to see new and feel new things.

Honestly during only 8 days of fasting the holy spirit has consumed my heart with a FIRE that wants to do nothing but spread and glorify the love of Jesus Christ. There is something so special about losing grips of this world. There is something so special about driving everywhere I go and praying and worshiping a God who has blessed me with so much. So much that I can not even imagine. I have so many friends, so many brothers in Christ who have been put into my life only because of him. I have so much to offer I have so much potential I FREAKEN A FUTURE IN THE EYES OF A CREATOR WHEN ONCE I HAD NOTHING BUT A WORLDLY LIFE FULL OF TEMPORARY HAPPINESS AND FAILURES. To me life is not all about making a crap ton of money and retiring at 55. There has to be more than that!

The things of this world no longer appeal to me. The hopes and promises of Jesus Christ are what drive me through day by day. When yahweh is revealed to my brothers who have been beaten up by the things of this world, that is what brings me to tears. The name Jesus means "savior" and he has truly saved me time and time again. He heals me time and time again.

Sunday, January 16, 2011


For those who did not know I have been on a 21 day fast with my church 1000 other churches totaling around a million people. In only a matter of 7 days I have seen God work so much into my life. Last Sunday Wednesday night and tonight I have experienced the power of God like never before.

Tonight was 2 hours of nothing but prayer and worship. I ran to the altar like I always do three times tonight getting onto my knees. "Jesus Christ I pray for repentance in another chance. Jesus Christ all I want to do is glorify you in my life that is it. Because it is an honor and blessing that he chooses people like me to carry his love and teachings. He died on a cross for me so I will glorify him in every aspect of my life. I am baptized not by water but a fire in my heart that consumes every thought and action in my body. Honestly I made a complete fool of myself this weekend. I made a complete fool of myself at work today. But the power of God moved so much in me when I searched for him, I began to speak and pray in tongues. I was on my knees crying. I was shacking and feeling a warm feeling inside. I saw a white dove even when I had my eyes closed. I heard the voice of God say "Eric do not worry for the battle has already been won because my son conquered the grave for YOU. Get up keep pushing keep praying keep carrying the love of the gospel and I will show you the great and mighty things for which you do not know."


Tuesday, January 11, 2011


For some the faith in believing in Jesus Christ is an act of obidence. They worship and give God all the praise in their life because it is the "right" thing to do. It is the right thing to do because everyone else does it. However is it right to not help someone who is in need? Is it not right to be so radical in your faith that a new day is such a blessing?

I spend my long drives to UNF listening to the same 3 or 4 CD's of worship. Everytime I praise and thank God during those drives, my day becomes easier. My day has purpose. There is truely excitment and joy rushing through my vains. Everytime that I go to church and worship that excitment is turn up twenty times. Whenever I go to the alter and meet with God there are tears of joy and sometimes sadness coming out of my eyes. I will and continue to be radical in every aspect of my walk. Because the alternative my friend is a life of dullness and darkness. I can remember almost a year ago right after I gave my life to God, all I had was a promise with him. I did not know even know how to worship God. All I knew was I was going to give this chance with God everything I got. No matter on the mission field or even just going to work, I want to give God all I got. I want to give him everything because he saved me and has blesssed me with so much.