Wednesday, December 22, 2010

I sometimes think that Christmas in this world is completely blown out of proportion. But to those who have been rescued by our savior, to those who have ever been moved by our savior, to those who have ever won a single battle because of our savior know for a fact Christmas is the greatest day ever. I am honestly in shock and awe because IN ONLY ONE YEAR THE SAVIOR HAS SAVED ME. So much has happend that it could last the old Eric a lifetime. BECAUSE THE REASON I TAKE IT AS SOMETHING COMPLETELY DIFFERENT. THE COMING OF THE MESSIAH IN FLESH IS AN ACT OF WAR BY GOD TO SEND HIS SON TO CONQUER DEATH AND HIS PEOPLE. NOT THROUGH WEAPONS OF KILLING BUT RATHER OF LOVE GRACE AND HUMBLENESS.
Just when I under estimate God being with me when the enemy has me down, he prevails. He is the only thing in this world that is constant. His promises never prevail. Battles are always won, prayers are answered, he never turns his back. When the power of God prevails it is always on top. I am a wreck at work even now that I am saved it seems like the enemy wants to use this avenue to just attack me. I have prayed whether or not to leave but the way things line up it seems like God wants me to stay there for some odd reason. However financially I always have plenty to eat and plenty to give. But Monday night at a Christmas party I recieved one of the most amazing blessings that a man of God could get. A brother in Christ who is willing to pray with me and hold me accountable. A brother in Christ who is willing to take time and mentor in how to deal with the stress of a job. Even though I know a lot about that place....the same people and things cause me to break. But now because he has seen that I trust in him with everything, now that he sees I will shout for his glory, another brother has been brought into my life that will make me a stronger warrior.

Times are changing like freaken crazy. People are changing. I am being called an "old fart" which is kinda weird. But while everything in this world might change, the single thing inside me that drives me day to day will never go away. If I choose to renew it day by day I will be strengthen even when the outward world is perishing. I hope and pray that in these next coming months that I can show the outward world that struggles the amazing fire that drives me. That my friend is Jesus Christ. I can no longer continue to live to the things that run this world. Rather I must die to my worldly desires and give up EVERYTHING. If that means LITERALLY GIVING UP EVERYTHING AND FLYING TO COSTA RICA FOR A YEAR THEN I AM READY. I AM READY TO BE THE HANDS AND FIGHT LIKE OF THE SAVIOR THAT PICKED ME UP FROM A LIFE OF BROKENNESS.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

There are certain times when a person can seek God in greater ways. For me personally nightime at my parents house when everyone is asleep and I start to think of the days events conversations and interactions, I seek God. And when I seek him through devo worship he is there. He is there to comfort me. He is there to heal me. He is there to help me.


This semester has brought it share of good and bad. But one thing remains and shall remain. That is the power of Jesus Christ can get anyone through anything. I hate to be so literal but there were so many days weeks where I longed for a miracle involving some situations. However one thing that has kept me going day by day hour by hour is the holy spirit moving in me. One thing learned is perservernce. Next semester obidence in all aspects of my life is something that I am going to strive for. New doors will opening people will come and go however my faith in God will not.

At one point after Thanksgiving I lost my truck, my new apartment, a best friend, my position in the fraternity, and the respect of some folks. All of those worldy things do not matter. However where God has me now I have the ability to capitalize on so many opporunities he has blessed me with. Next semester I will get back into serving at Celebration. The fraternity is still my mission field however I am going at it with a different approach. I tried being a "pastor" to my brothers however I did not take the time to sit down with any of them and talk about their probelms. To share the gospel you have to be willing to take the time and effort to dive into someone's heart and mindset. That is how I came so close. A good friend took the time and energy. By the way thanks my brother. Just because I have failed in some areas according to the world, I havent in the eyes of Jesus Christ because he is the only one who sees the strength and love in my heart through the holy spirit. Thanks father friend and brother.