Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I have seen so much change in one semester of college. I know people come and go but for some odd reason things people and lord Tim Teebow in Dever what has this word come to? And I listen to folks music that has banjos and fiddles in it (The Avett Brothers) As I sit here writing this I am just kind of amazed by how much God's presecene just fills up my life as I grow closer to him. Honestly being a year away from graduation is scary. But I know for a fact since I have called to HIM, he is going to show me the great and mighty things for which I do not know (jeremiah 33:3). Everytime I seek something about him I find it, everytime I am down he gets my up. My heart continues to be rendered because Jesus Christ has filled me with the holy spirit. I get the upmost joy when I serve him, I get the upmost joy on Wednesday and Sunday nights. There is nothing in this world that can make me complete. And for those who are blown away by the Lord shaping and changing my life.....this is only the begining....I can never go back to the life I once lived. I can no longer be a man with no purpose and vision. I can no longer ignore a love that is so fulfilling and everlasting.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rest assured with a heart thats pure we'll be victorious and not let our hate get the best of us

Anger is something that we all struggle through on a constant basis. But how we deal with aggression or anger towards someone or something is a sign of a true defiant person who walks with Christ. You see Christ was so perfect that he throughout his entire life, did not show one sign of anger or aggression towards anyone that he can into contact with. From Judas to the Pharisees Jesus Christ show love and compassion, and then died the most horrific death for the forgiveness of our sins. In the old and new testament the bible warns us do not get angry or blame God for the things that happen on Earth. But why sometimes does God let these things happen? Why does God let someone get so angry that he ends up going on a killing rampage? Its hard to answer this but instead again God is fair, because he gave is only begotten son for the forgiveness or your sins! He created you out of his image to walk on this earth with a purpose and vision in life! He blessed you with amazing gives and talents to achieve that purpose! When above all else you are broken he sends your son through the holy spirit to rescue you and provide you with grace love and compassion! And when you are truly walking besides his son he will send you to place and let you do amazing things you were never capable of! Like for example working in a coffee shop in Cairo Egypt ministering and witnessing to Muslims and non believers who do not know the awesome works of God. So above all else be thankful that he is so awesome and merciful. Right now lately I have been so thankful for my brothers, Celebration, SUB30, Hillsong, and above all else my personal time with Jesus Christ through the holy spirit.

Some wonder how to deal with anger? Counting and anger management are not the answers even though a great movie was made about it with Adam Sandler. Inside its best to pin point the source of it. For me mostly it comes out of jealously. Especially in the past couple of weeks. Man in my fraternity it sometimes is like a running race with us being so driven and non content of the present status quo. From leadership positions, to GPA, to numbers, I feel like sometimes I work for a fortune 500 company. But all of that can not make a person complete. Above all else what makes me complete is Jesus. What makes me who I am the bread and butter is Jesus. And honestly I am so thankful for having that because I see my brothers friends and parents struggle who have that. I just wish they knew how amazing and awesome a walk with Christ is. Lord help them use me through my actions through my words through my attitude

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

This time it's in your hands...I will follow you forever...Now I'm taking back my life...Taking back my family....I'm a warrior of life.

Luckily I was able to get out of work early to make to SUB30 tonight. For the past two weeks I haven't been able to make it to FUSE and participate in our 8th grade small groups after worship and the message. While at SUB30 I learned that one of the students took his life away. While standing there in shock and awe I stumbled to keep my composure. I have never met this guy but why did this happen? Why did this happen to someone who walked into God's house? And it is not fair that this would happen to a teenager who has his whole life ahead of him. But soon I realize that 37 kids gave their life to Christ because of his death. I then questioned myself would I give up my own life so that a brother, family member, or even person I've only met once or twice could have a relationship with Jesus? Well tonight I made that commitment.

I wondered to myself could I have done more as a leader to prevent this? I know I have been to one meeting but that night moved me to do everything I can to reveal the amazing love of Jesus Christ in their life. These kids are so consumed in a high or happiness that is degrading and bad (drugs alcohol etc). But for those who struggle I hope that I can show them once they receive Jesus, all of those things will no longer make them happy or give them that high. Instead through the holy spirit as their hearts are softened they will get the best high or satisfaction in serving God. Im 22 and going on my first overseas mission trip this September, but there are some kids who are 15 who are doing the same thing as me. Have I been sleeping under a rock all these times or what.

Life can be tough and hard above all else. The good people who fight the good fight of faith most of the time are in the back. But even when many circumstances I hope that his glory and reign will appear in the darkest times. Thank the lord for what you have especially those who have a relationship with Jesus. And my friend "tell someone about it, or do something with it". Stop sitting in church and then going out to the world and not sharing the gospel to those who need a breathe of fresh air.

I know writing some of this might bring people to tears but honestly it is hard for me to not be real with people. Sometimes being blunt and real does wonders.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

He has honestly made it pour with everlasting righteous and compassion

It is surely amazing what gone has done in my life in the past semester. Not only in my life but in my family friends and fraternity's life as well. I know that I sometimes write the same ole stuff over and over but it is truely a work of Jesus Christ. There is no turning back I am so glad to be apart of the good shepard. The shepard who brings righteous and purity to his flock. I just wish sometimes people would wake up and reconize what is going on. I know some in fact lots had noticed. I really like it when they ask me questions. I really like it they ask me Eric why are you so driven? What makes you on fire 24/7? What makes you offer a helping hand to those who come into contact in your life? It challenges me.

Today driving to work I felt a gust of fresh air come into my truck and no it was not the AC. Many of the past burdens and yokes that have dragged me down for so long are broken thanks to repetence and Jesus Christ. But there is this one thing that keeps coming back. No matter how much I pray try to forget about it or put it aside it is sort of like an annoying bug or something. Its not brining me down but it sure does have me asking a lot of questions. It makes me constantly pray about it. Before then I thought it was the enemy, but even when I meditate or pray it still comes back. Im really interested to see how it plays out. I think of it as one of those golf clubs in your bag hat sometimes hits a really good shot or a bad one. For example like my Nike 5 wood. I love it to somtimes, but other times I just want to chuck it in a lake or something. But I know on his time he will provide me with a final definitive answer.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Never before through the past couple of days have I realized that I have a new thrist for the kingdom of God. Before I can always remember I used to get the upmost joy or high in life in things that were not true. But now like never before the more I dive deeper into the word, the more I learn about mission opporunities, the more band of christain brothers I meet, it makes me seek him more. My heart has been rendered through the holy spirit to fulfill a new and everlasting purpose. Honestly it has taken me a couple of months to kind of sort of adjust my life. But what you see is that temporary forms of gratification through the flesh eventually wear down when your heart is rendered or softened. But to first be filled with joy and compassion you have to surrender and live for Jesus Christ. Because he is the only way, to inherit and share the kingdom of God. And for those who doubt his amazing power, he conquered the grave, the only man in human history to ever do such a thing. So I am sure whatever addiction temptation or pain you are suffering with, give it to him, and have trust and faith in Jesus Christ. Because almost 3 months ago to this day he rocked my world. I thought i had it all figured out but its amazing how God can reveal things to you.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Things have started to pick up lately in the past couple days with the semester coming to an end. I had the most amazing Easter ever. Even though I worked I spent the day reflecting on the past present and future. The past on what walking with Jesus has done with my life in the past couple of months. I have met some amazing people and experienced some great things I would of never known if I didn't surrender my life to him. Some of those moments have been.....

1. Learning about the 2.4 billion folks who have never heard the Gospel then being just bombarded with amazing mission opportunities. Egypt or Nigeria here I come 2011
2. Participating in a middle/high school small group following a youth service.....i had never been so moved or impacted by what these kids struggle with. I pray for them everyday that they will walk with Jesus. I know I had to be brought to me low to finally surrender it all, I hope these kids don't have to go to through the same battle I went through. It is honestly not worth it

I cannot tell you what will happen tomorrow or who I will meet, but I am so thankful for what I have now. At dinner with my family Sunday I realized that God has blessed me with the best mom dad grandmother aunts and uncles I could ask for. There is one gentleman who I have always admired.I honestly wish he was still here.I know that he is in heaven telling me "Eric keep up the good work but there is still much to be done." He is my grandfather Adolf Hartschlag. From what I remember and learned about him he was one of those "true gentleman who above all else walked in the light of God".