Sunday, February 26, 2012

Some people try to define love in this world. Often they measure love based on how much was shown to them through a realtionship with a father or spouse. When someone ask such a philosophical like that, I often turn to the bible or past experience to try and answer that. However I read this book tonight that illustrated a true definition of love. Of course if comes from the sovern God of the universe who loves us more than any person, or thing on this Earth. That is because he sent his perfect sinless son to die on the cross for our guilt and shame.

People often illustrate the death of Jesus as this clean holy ceremony. But do you think God would just sacrifice his only Son that easily, for our discusting filthy sins? Imagine your deepest darkest secrets being revealed to our spouse or family. Because that is what the day of judgment is going to look like. But by his grace we have been set apart. That darkness will eventually be brought to the light of the Father!

"Christ love for the church is without limit. When Jesus died for his bride (the church), she was dirty and sinful. She was acting like his enemy. Yet he still choose tolove her and lay down his life for her-not in a quick, easy death but allowing himself to be mocked and beaten then nailed to a Roman cross. Jesus, the one who deserved to suffer the least for human sin, paid the highest price to meet his bride's deepest need." (That courageous love)