Friday, September 16, 2011

JU Lacrosse

I have never felt more convicted about a group of guys or an organization to spread the gospel to than this group of men. Since meeting up with them for volleyball and only speaking to them for a number of minutes, there is a DIRECT need for the love and grace of Jesus. From talking to a lot of folks on campus there is a definite reputation that follows the guys whether it be good or bad.

Most of them are straight up jacked and out of state. A number of the students are from the north so 7 times out of 10 have never seen a true example Jesus Christ. So that they have never been exposed to true love. They might know Jesus as a historic figure but I want to show these boys Jesus Christ as the PERFECT LOVING MAN WHO DIED ON A CROSS FOR US TO LIVE A LIFE OF JOY AND GRACE FREE TO CONDEMNATION OF SIN. Sure there is a lot to surrender but one thing I love about athletes: they are DILLIGENT. In whatever they do they do well. There is disicpline there is dedication 120 percent everyday. It is hard for even an average skinny golfer like myself to go get in the gym. Its kind of like "the dungeon". But when you begin to be dilligent in the small things, the big things day by day hour by hour month by month become atttainable rather than impossible. Starting this weekend till I get on the campus I will be praying for these guys individually every night.