Saturday, July 31, 2010

Quit Waivering and Worrying and Just Stick to the Big Picture Man

For almost 23 years I have worried about some of the most random things ever in my life. For example when I get married is my family going to be big enough? Or where am I going to live after I graduate. I mean come on man you are so much better than that. It seems like the best of my comes out by serving God. When I am surrounded by family, brothers, and at FUSE things go great. I know at work I can serve God by being an inspiring pelicular person of Jesus Christ. That means not waivering between my old and new life. The term born again I really do not like but rather I call it a "second chance". I second chance at a new walk in life. A second chance to glorify the King of Kings. A second chance to do amazing things through him. A second chance for the creator to take you overseas for the first time in 23 years on a mission trip? What the heck?

Wednesday night FUSE one of my students was having a rough time. He is this really energetic out there guy who is doing great things. However he suffers through a sleeping disorder and he tried inviting his friend to church that night. It was not the first time he invited her but she did not show up. I have the greatest fear in inviting some of my closet friends to church and her a 9th grader can do it? After praying over him during worship he came and gave me a hug. I had this weird feeling in my gut that almost brought tears to my eyes. After groups and before SUB30 I had to spend 5 minutes just to recollect myself. These kids are amazing. Some of the stuff they go through and they still do great things for Jesus Christ. They show unstoppable mercy even when times are tough. In a nutshell I have been inspired.

Friday, July 30, 2010

On a plane back home from Massachuetts I caught myself reading one of those "Skymall Magazines". The next minut I found myself next to this guy and his crying baby. For the next 2 hours I found myself asking why me? But I know why God does these things. Thankfully I had my IPhone and for those next two hours I just prayed. He help me lay out a vision for this next coming semester. I am going to be really busy serving him lets just say that. And by the way the guy kept looking at my notebook and bible so hopefully maybe that was a form of witnessing to him?

For the past couple of days I have just been trying to show unstoppable mercy above sacrifice in all aspects of my life. Many people think walking with Jesus Christ is surrendering things to him. For example giving up drinking, sex, and drugs is the most important thing so we can be "holy". But the next minute they go and talk crap about people who used to do that with him. Let me ask you something. The Jesus Christ who rescued you from all of those bad addictions did that so you could just persecute them? I do not think so. As Christ followers, as a church, we need to spend more time loving and showing unstoppable compassion, and less time making stupid excuses to spread the amazing word of God. Because unlike people back in the day we have ALL OF THESE AMAZING RESOURCES (facebook twitter youtube email iphones). Some people back in the day would wait AN ENTIRE LIFETIME TO GO ON AN OVERSEAS MISSION TRIP BECAUSE IT COSTS SO MUCH AND YOU EITHER HAD TO RIDE ON A STEAMBOAT OR FLY ON ONE OF THOSE PROP PLANES.

I will no longer see my friends suffer, I will no longer sit back and see them break because of the things of this world

Thursday, July 15, 2010

I really do not understand somethings. I really do not understand how much I pray, no matter how much I bring it to the cross, no matter how much I try not to think about it, it does not go away. Honestly this is something that has plauged my mind for weeks......maybe months. This is someone who has overcome so much through Christ. But this area or gray area that sometimes is so confusing it brings me down. I need to pray for God for more clarity. I know that some people might find it stupid and worthless to go off the deep end over but I dont. But I know on God's time maybe months or years everything will make since.
Phil Wickham concert at Sub30 hands down was one of the most amazing times I have felt the presence of the true almighty. I really love my church FUSE/SUB30 and all of the amazing people there. But I have said this like a thousand times I hear from God when I am alone in his word. I have been really good about going to church but diving into the word and praying thats been a different story the past week. And my strength in God has been weak at some points throughout the week. So at work today I spent 3 hours praying. 3 hours of praying about some things and issues that I needed to get straight with God. Let me tell you man the enemy is so sneaky. I mean the enemy sometimes knows a bit too much. He knows that spending time alone with God is like the bread and butter of my life. But thank you for a God that is soo powerful that gives me the willingness to pray for 3 straight hours. I have never wrote more down on paper in my entire life. But now I have trust and will rejoice God will do amazing things.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

why is it that i take one half day to tv and eat lots of junk food the enemy brings me down.. I really do not know why but sometimes I can not go two weeks only averaging 5 hours of sleep.

Thursday, July 8, 2010


Many people measure strength in physical term. For example a guy who benches 168 has more strength than someone who might bench 110. Often God measures strength within us by how much the holy spirit is filled in us and how often act upon it. When you give your life to Jesus Christ the holy spirit is within you. The more you listen to it and act upon it, the spirit influences your physical and mental actions more. The things of this world with time lose their grasp on you also. Strength in Jesus Christ starts with trust and confidence. Knowing that good or bad, God is going to do great things for you because he loves you.

Strength in God is constantly growing day by day week by week. Because he has got me through some really tough times. Just in the daily grind his word, music, and spirit are an amazing cure to the crap the enemy likes to try and throw at you.

Monday, July 5, 2010

January 6th 2010-Forever

When you look at dates with dash marks, they represent a begining and end. For example tombstones mark the start and end of someone's time on earth. Another might illustrate the start and end to a war. But there is one thing perhaps the only that has no end. And that is a walk with Jesus Christ

I sat down and read some of my journal entries from the first couple of prayers. They sure did show a lack of knowledge and uncertainity. Not uncertainity on what Jesus was doing but some anxiety on the things of this world. I looked myself in the mirror today 6th months later after some victories and struggles and I am shocked. The list is endless and the thought of ever going back is not going to happen. I am finally the man I have destined to be. I can see real strong progression. Thanks to living for one man Jesus Christ. I have a passion for history so I always remember dates. I will always remember the 6th on every occassion.

There are going to be new hills, new mountains, and new challenges but I will never give up on God. I am not the greatest of runners or the greatest golfer but I always practice. And in my walk with Christ I have perservernce, I can knocked back down but HE will get me up. Time and time again he has been there. And the cool thing is my friend.....THIS IS ONLY A SMALL VAPOR OR TIME PERIOD OF WHAT CHRIST CAN DO NOT IN MY LIFE BUT IN ANYONE'S LIFE.

Friday, July 2, 2010

if i have the unstoppable courage to do all of these things with Christ in me......then i pray that i have unstoppable courage to save those who do not know the amazing love and grace of jesus christ. so powerful it makes a 22 year old man sometimes cry over what the things of this world do and how broken they become.


The past week I did a 7 day social fast to refocus on getting raw with God. Whenever you grip onto the things of this world, it gets you away from God. Especially with being in a social fraternity. Theres nothing wrong with it but I can not get through a day with out praying. The holy spirit is so constantly moving in my heart I sometimes need guidance. The bible is the first thing I turn to.

In 1 Kings 17 it depicts the story of Elijah. He was one of those pelicular type of people. In the bible he has to be one of my favorite guys because he goes against all of the Baal Gods and an entire political/social norm. In fact he proves them wrong by having God pretty much set fire to an altar. The people who worshipped the false God of baal were so stunned they began dancing and cutting themselves. This kinda creepy honestly.

What we can take from this is some of us need to stop waivering between the false Gods and the real God in our life. Since recommitting my life to Christ I have been guilty. This fast of pretty much being a loner accept with Jesus Christ has strengthend me. 6 months ago if you would of told me I was fasting, going to Costa Rica, leading a small group of 8th graders, leading friends/brothers to Christ, and no longer fearing the things of this world, I would of thought you were crazy. Thank you for the God of second chances. Thank you for Jesus Christ filling my heart with the upmost joy. Everytime I worship I almost cry because of the feeling I have inside me. And it continues to grow day by day. There is going to be bumps twists and turns thats life. But God uses those as a stepping stone for the next big thing in his big picture with your life.