Friday, June 25, 2010


no fraternity events, no hanging out with friends, no other sort of social activities, just work church school the gym, and some much needed personal time with God, in already the first two days he has help me FINALLY get rid of some things holding me down, offer me a new perspective, and bless me in many ways possible, it is so important no matter what we do never let the things of this world grip us, rather instead Jesus Christ

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tunnel vision

Theres a difference between living for Christ and walking with Christ. For example when you do something wrong the holy spirit is so warm inside you, be burns you with a conviction. Sometimes so strong it is like chucking the bird at the cross? Sorry it sounds blunt but I have honestly become so bold and so transformed by Christ, that when I feel that way then I know its wrong. However just because I am walking with Christ, my flesh still hungers and wants the things of this world. And still the past sometimes gets me here and there. Especially with people or things that have burned me in the past. That justs life. But thank you for a God who sent you his only son. Thank you for a God who can truely bless you with the ability to be an amazing influence and leader. I think that outweighs some little baggage or burdens of this world. Above all else him sending his only son to die on the cross, and rise from the dead from 3 days of hell defintley outweighs it. I mean could you imagine what kind of things Jesus went through while down there? And he didnt do it for himself.....HE DID IT FOR YOU MAN.

Saturday, June 12, 2010

I have finally figured out the solution to something minor that has gotten in the way with my walk with Christ. I think the enemy has tried every trick in his book to bring me down. But thank God for friends and brothers who offer you insight and knowledge on what it means to not only live for Christ, but to walk by his side. When we choose to walk with Christ, we sometimes take a road with many twists and turns. For example imagine going down a highway or interstate compared to taking backgrounds. The interstate or highway is better because you get there faster and there is less trials and tribulations. However if you take the back roads, you might get caught up in something and it will take you longer to get to that destination. Ultimately the final destination has been Jesus Christ.

Since now I have finally realized that this annoying baggage or whatever you want to call it will no longer be able to keep up with me. I have thanks to the holy spirit and repentance gotten back on the highway and going full force. Like I said one minute your on the highway full force, the next minute little side step after little side step, the enemy has you taking these stupid backgrounds trying to slow you down. Perseverance my friend is ultimately what God has been trying to teach me this past week.

The enemy has tried to steal the victories of the Lord. These antics and games do not work. Thank you for a God who sent his only son to save and lead me in the right direction. Better than any Garmin GPS or IPhone map. And above all else thank you for friends and brothers who have shown me how to get back on the right road.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

A man who was whipped, spit at, nailed to a cross, tormented by the same people who shouted Hosanna in the highest

I am in shock and awe of what Jesus Christ did in my heart last night. Even after 5 months I got saved, I still struggled with this one burden or "tick" that kind of held me down. Well sometimes it was like a mosquito and then at other times it was like a heavy burden weighing me down. Enough was enough. With all of my heart and emotion last night I brought it to the cross. And finally Jesus Christ took it away. You have to realize that Jesus Christ in the flesh experinced more emotional and physical so that OUR scars and burdens could be healed in his awesome spirit. A man who was whipped, spit at, nailed to a cross, tormented by the same people who shouted Hosanna in the highest, do you think there is some emotional struggle there? Jesus Christ is not some holy or godly figure. He is in flesh our personal savior. This perhaps has been the biggest victory since I have recommitted my life to Christ. Because you need to realize what I was going through followed me and messed with my mind for so long. A burden that followed me for....almost all of my time in college is now gone erased. I will no longer again struggle. Instead I am rejoice with the amazing spirit and grace that Jesus Christ showed me. It has allowed me to become more radiant and bold in my walk with Christ.

Friday, June 4, 2010

After working a double.....hanging out with the family.....doing laundry.......sending out emails......and working out it gets me sometimes that the enemy likes to mess with my thoughts and experessions. I guess maybe that is where I am the most vunerable. But thank God I have the best weapon to overcome that fear or crazy thought. My mind sometimes goes places that I wonder how it gets there. I am a thinker lets just say that. But these past couple of weeks I need to pray more, I need to dive into the word more. Because when I do that it leaves me with an ultimate feeling of comfort and grace. It is the only place where I can get raw with God and we can have some uno y uno time. Where all of my probelms concerns and victories we can talk about them.

I am less than three months away from Costa Rica. I cannot wait and this will be the first of many trips. Wherever Jesus Christ wants to go me "as you wish Lord I'll be there".