Friday, April 6, 2012


I can remember about a year ago on the surface I had it all together. I had an amazing relationship with a girl that was headed towards marriage, and even looked like a southern charm. Looking towards graduation I had the entire future ahead of me. I had two job offers and was even looking towards marriage. Well here I stand one year later and all of that is taken away.

However on the inside a year ago my relationship with God was like a spiritual tomb. My trust and salvation was still in his hands, but I did nothing to pursue my author and perfecter of my faith. But now I stand one year later where EVERYTHING I do on a hour to hour minute to minute basis is anchored in his Holy Spirit. If I go a day without diving into God's word, I feel apart of me is missing. I feel like a person with cancer without medication.

In recent weeks and months I have been experiencing the "sweet and constant aroma of God's grace" When preachers or folks in the church mention grace, people think of a doctrine or definition. They want the right "theological answer".

Grace is not a definition or theology it is the greatest gift that mankind and this universe has ever experienced. Grace is greater then creation itself. It makes the universe look like a peanut. Grace is Jesus Christ dying on the cross for the forgiveness of our sins. Grace is Jesus Christ bearing the SHAME of our shortcomings and sins. Grace is something that is powerful. Grace is Jesus Christ diving into darkness, rescuing you from the depths of hell and bringing you into the light of the Father's mighty unending power. As Christ follower we need to both "embrace experience and elevate" grace! I could write a sermon on this topic. Maybe two or three.

Graces comes to reach us time and time again and we ask ourselves, what the heck is this? Wherever Jesus Christ goes, grace follows. It looks us in the eyes time and time again whenever we sin. It offers unconditional love that is greater than any form of satisfaction this world can offer us. To this Easter season, I am going to "Embrace Grace"