Monday, November 29, 2010

Obligations are broken, cirumstances keeping getting worse, tommorow can determine so much. But through these past couple weeks of a car accident studying for a final that might determine how much longer I am in college, and even a living situation being in turmoil DOES not keep me worrying. Well yes it does but no matter how many times I turn to God he follows through. No matter how many situations or circumstances might weigh me down....I KEEP GETTING THROUGH. It amazes me how God's love and power can get us through anything. I mean look in the bible Elijah was fed by ravens, when nailed to a cross and sent to hell God's son was risen from the dead. God's love and promice always follows through for those who are obident in his teachings.

I can no longer live a life worrying everyday how things might line up. It seems the darts and shots keep getting thrown at me. This semester especially but SO MANY God things have been lined up for me. Yet the world or enemy wants to illustrate the bad things. But I keep writing and telling myself "Eric if you did not have God you would be a warrior who can get through the things of this world." Either you would be a quiter worrier. I AM NOT ANY OF THOSE ANYMORE I AM A WARRIOR WITH THE POWER OF JESUS CHRIST THAT CAN CONQUER ANY MOUNTAIN. If I have to climb 5 mountains in one week then so be it. It is not how we start the race it is how we finish it. I pray that I can end up victorious in these next coming weeks.

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Just driving from breakfast to class on the day before Thanksgiving, I can feel all of the stress uncertainity and tension that the holidays bring is gone. I know what I need to do because God has not only been there for me in the past but he will continue to be there. As long as I call onto him he will show me great and mighty things. He will get you through days even weeks of uncertainity. No longer will I walk this earth in worry. Because nor height or depth, nor any human or thing of this world can seperate you from the love of Jesus Christ.

In order to recieve the blessings of the all powerful and loving God, you have to obey and have a realtionship with his Son. It is not one judged by actions words, but mainly the status of your heart. The heart is the sole center piece of the human body. It runs everything even our thought process. Some of us often get discouraged when our actions can not align with our heart. Have u ever "man I want go to serve but....why bother?" God sees the iniative and effort that means your heart is being transformed. And when that happens through Jesus Christ "he wants to give you a high five or big hug." Through prayer time and surrounding yourself by the right things, that mental effort will turn into action. And the people of this world will wonder "of all people how in the heck is he serving with such a strong bold heart?" Only because of Jesus Christ.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Fight the Good Fight

To fight the good fight of faith requires a special type of person. It requires a handful of individuals who are willing to do anything to share the gospel to a lost generation. For me this semester has been full of ups and downs. It has not been your typical college semester for some of the stuff that I have experienced and went through. But honestly I am not holding these things against myself or God. Instead I glorify him because he got me through some of those "hiccups" in the context of some.

But my friend there is still work to be done. I wish honestly some who profess they believe in Jesus Christ would get out of their Christian social click Would get off their rear end, get their hands dirty, and help out. Not in a creepy way, not in a condemning way. But for Pete sake's if you see someone next to you struggling share them the gospel! Take them out to lunch coffee or even invite them to church and be like "hey man I know life is rough but I want you to know I am here for you no matter what and that I am praying for you." Therse a start. When non believers get saved they will not remember an awesome church sermon or pastor, they will remember a friend stranger or co worker taking time out of their schedule to share them the love and story of Jesus Christ. Because once they know he provides a life of purpose comfort and direction, the things of this world will lose their grip. Sounds easier than it is especially when you are working 25 hours, going to church, internship, family, fraternity, etc. Oh yeah and some might reject you. But never lose heart friend.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Through life and the business about graduating, God has pulled me away from some things that used to help me build up my walk with him. This is including spending a heck of a lot less time with spiritual friends who were men. Grant it right now if I ever needed prayer I could call from 3-5 of my brothers or spiritual friends and they would drop everything and be there for me. However some guys who were there with me everyday we have other occupations. But the enenmy has gotten into my head to think "those friendships are gone because you'll do not hang out." Well the fact is when you get a full time job, get married, and start having other life occupations as a young adult, they will eventually fade away. The bond of brotherhood and friendship will be there as God's blessing. DO NOT EVER FORGET THAT FRIEND.