Saturday, January 14, 2012


Honestly there has been a lot of God's favor in my personal life throughout these past couple o f weeks. Close friends and Campus Outreach have found favor in Christ and he continues to bless his people even though we do not deserve it. Through prayer obedience and walking by faith on a day to day basis, I am truely amazed by his grace.

Some people who are might ask, if God is a giver than why does God take away? Why does God put me through bad situations? God does not owe you a dime! Because of our broken sinful nature we deserve death. The greatest gift in the history of gifts was given on a cross. That should be enough. If we look with a big picture perspective, time on this world is short. There is going to be a lot of giving in heaven. But now even on this world, I am truely content where God has me.

Sure Im not at 100 percent support yet, I have a lonngg way to go till I am a pastor, but God has blessed me time and time again. My love towards others and serving him is because of the joy I have through loving God. Besides if you look at any other person who has everyting a man could have, there is no everlasting joy there. I have seen to many people, and tried to find ultimate joy and purpose in this world. It all falls short! For the past couple weeks I kept asking myself, when will I get my big break? When will God follow through on a certain couple of subjects? I am done with that stuff.

The icing on the cake for that was last night at Winterjam. I met a lady who has honestly been through hell and back. She is from Iran and is a converted Muslim. She told me that a couple weeks ago she returned from Iran because of her son being killed by the government. Even with the loss of her son, she still jumped for joy! She had more joy for God and for life than anyone I have ever met so far in life. It left me speechless, it left me thinking about now and where I would be today if I did not have God in my life. Probaley sucessful but miserable. An alcoholic with a short temper and absoutley no true friends.

However by walking with God day to day (which is by means no walk in the park) I am a game changer! I am a man who is motivating other men to be game changers! I am motivating men to go to the nations and spread the gospel. God has given me the ability to lead people to salvation! God has given me the ability to be the helping hand in inviting people to heaven! Come on if that does not get you motivated then I do not know what will! If you are a follower of Jesus Christ you are a game changer! You are light in darkness! Light of the world! Be the Tim Tebow of your business! Be the Tim Tebow of your family! Let every thought and action be an overflow of joy for others so that they see Christ in YOU! Goodbye apathy goodbye discontent.