Wednesday, March 6, 2013


Its been awhile since I wrote in this thing. Honestly life has been incredibly busy and chaotic over the past couple of months. With raising full support and being on campus, this is my first real season of ministry. That is making disciples, redefining standards, and changing generations.

Mega churches, twitter, Facebook and Instagram paint a really awesome picture of life. In fact I feel sometimes that there are so many false pictures being painted. In today's world we are wired to both images and sounds like never before. For example if I want to read a bible verse, I can view it the actual book IPhone IPad and even listen to it. Sounds like too much work to me.

I often find myself comparing other's highlight real's to the lowest points of my life. That is a bad day on campus, a low turn out for a bible study or just feeling like crap. The only thing I can compare my situation to is Jesus. That is the only image that is consistent with reality. Jesus is reality and he helps us cope with the highs and the lows. Even in your walk with Christ can can run to so many false images (latest podcast, mega church pastor's twitter accounts, self help books). All we really need is Jesus.

Ive been going through the book of Genesis lately and let me tell you it would make for a great season of Dr. Phil. It is a story of God's promise for a nation to be blessed through a family line. But with every twist and turn there is polygamy, and lots of waiting. More waiting and even more waiting.

Waiting for a gift that God has promised your sometimes sucks. That is students to come to Christ, or that future someone. But through all of that God's presence makes those worldly things seem like nothing. Now those are all great things but Jesus is greater. Follow him and experiencing his grace is greater.

I'm done with putting my hope in false God's and blessings. I just want to put my hope in Jesus. I just want to continue to live out my audacious faith for Christ by starting every morning in his presence. Nothing greater, nothing less. Because when I do not do this, I turn away from my purpose. That is to glorify God in a broken chaotic world and bring others into his presence.

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