Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Being Real

Over the past couple of days life has sure been a challenge. On the campus of JU, support, relationships, and trying to stay healthy and active. I can honestly say that my faith in Jesus Christ is the only thing that I have to hold onto. Through all of these circumstances God continues to blow my mind away. His favor is crazy
1. Being able to serve as a disciple maker at JU
2. Being able serve as an informal Greek Life Advisor
3. Having an informal relationship with President Tim Cost.
4. Being on a college campus that is going through a major make over (85 million dollars worth).
5. Being in a city that is going through a make over
6. Being apart of a movement that is changing generations.

Walking daily with Jesus takes faithfulness in the small things. It is like baseball we all want to see the homerun. But really singles or base hits are just as important. They are not flashy. Honestly neither is my life right now. Im a 25 year old college graduate who is in debt, barely getting by, living with the parents, and there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel.

Through this whole process I have seen people's true character through the good and bad. I have seen the ups and downs. The only thing I have to hold onto is Jesus nothing less. Going through the book of Genesis and studying Joseph has made me realize a couple of things:
1. Be faithful in the small things
2. Serve others audaciously with the gospel
3. No matter what season of life you are in give thanks to God.

I really do not have time to talk about the "5 year plan" or what the next season is going to look like. There will sure be changes: Puerto Rico, Orlando, Boston, raising 15,000 dollars more in support, moving out, close friends moving to China and Chicago, but Jesus will still be there. As long as Jesus is here and I love others I'll be fine.

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