Thursday, May 16, 2013

The human heart is very fickle. One minute it thinks one thing, another it thinks something different. Especially for a guy who has gotten so far yet got so far to go.

Ministry is not designed for everyone. It only two years I have seen both the high and the low. In fact days like these, I see more low than high. I honestly scratch my head sometimes whether or not I am effective.

I have to raise my entire salary, or what I like to call invest others advancing the kingdom of God. Through all of the teaching, support raising, relationships, and mingling with students I see myself as a "professional communicator" It is ultimately the man up top who does the heart changing.

I can communicate in either a positive or negative way. What I communicate is often sometimes offensive. People do not like to be called sinners. People do not like to be called dead in their transgressions. People do not like to be told how to worship a king. I am not talking about a religious or prosperity gospel. I am talking about the "explicit gospel"

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